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things didn't go as planned



well i did go to guidance department today, but things didn't go as planned. i guess the counseler didn't grasp what i was telling her and took it all in stride and recommended that i simply pay it all no mind and it'd get better.

incapable person

that is all


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Inf, you're going to work through this. It's possible. You'll make it.

I'm sorry that things didn't go as planned. You either need to set up another appointment with your counselor and let her know you're serious, or file a complaint against her. Just don't give up.

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Damnit, that sucks. I'm proud of you for going through with it that took guts. I agree with mm that you need to go again and tell her this shit is serious. It would be that difficult to get her to understand because I think because simply showing up again says a lot.

Hang in there and if you need to talk we're all here for you.

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Things never go as planned and it's fucking gutting at times. Dust yourself off and try again. Maybe it would help to write down what you need to say and even send the counselor an email instead? You can do this, inf. We're all rooting for you. We're also here to help you do the whole dusting off thing.

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hey Ehren, ifound this while on the internet today. Have you seen a therapist? another month has gone by.


Except in very specific circumstances, conversations with your therapist are confidential. However, there are certain situations in which a therapist is required by law to report any concerns to authorities. These include:

Threatening to harm yourself or commit suicide

Threatening to harm or take the life of another person

Admitting to abusing a child or a vulnerable adult — someone over age 18 who is hospitalized or made vulnerable by a disability


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life has no meaning

it causes only loss and ache

everything is so demeaning

never stop to get a break

searching for an answer

not knowing the way

life grows upon you like a cancer

more virulent after each day

nowhere to feel safe

nowhere to feel well

your very soul begins to chafe

life really is the worst hell

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Sometimes life does feel like that. It's interesting though, when life is there for the living, to enjoy at will, we take it for granted. We will let it slip past in the fog of ordinary 'everydays'.

When we, or those that we love, are struck by illness, or tragedy, the fog suddenly clears and we realize life is prescious and tenuous. And that we must hold each moment, and appreciate it, for that moment was fleeting, and it will not come again.

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