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War of the Flesh vs The Victorious One




April 06

War of the Flesh vs. The Victorious One

The struggle within me is for light or for dark, I want the pleasures of this world but I dare not miss the mark.

I've experienced the best of both worlds, indulging in sin out of my hurts;

all the while being drawn into His presence with hope un-deferred.

As much as I pant like a deer after water for my God, my flesh pants for pleasure.

Which way do I go...? Can't see the trail but I hear the sound. He's calling me!

Who will end the struggle inside my soul?

Like a see raging within boundaries, to bring my mind and body under subjection is a task

Fear would arise, making me uncertain of my abilities...Will I even last?

There are mysteries that lie within; willingness to yield has to be present to begin.

The tug in my spirit is greater than the desires of my flesh, what is to be done concerning this mess?

I look unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

It rest in the Lord, my refuge, my strong tower.

In Him I gain strength when my flesh would cower.

Though I fight an inward battle, God is stronger!

There's nothing he can't handle.

Inside of me is planted a seed, which sprouts into life, uprooting the old and dead things...

A conqueror I am over this unfortunate thing!

What’s a life without struggle but an empty room waiting to be filled?

Lacking reason for being.... For through trials, purpose is revealed!

Written by: Sharhonda Kirksey © 2009



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