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A blurb.




You know that it saddens me

Those love tales of passion and truth

What is truth

Truth is nothing but lying words wrapped in candor

You were lying words wrapped in roses

Pretty prickling roses that gleamed with disaster

I reached in the bag, and grabbed you

Picked you specifically, for everything you were and are

Mistaken I was, or was I

For this pain is the utmost incredible I’ve ever known

It seems to complete that barrenness in my heart

But where are you now

Where could I find you tomorrow

Will you answer when I scream

Or will you wait until I smile

Run little rose, run

Such dramatics I’ve attended

I’m ready for change

Yet, I find myself captivated by you

This is its own thespian act in itself

You have not dispirited me, darling

Do be so bloody narcissistic

But you are, and you have every right to be

Such a tantalizing petal of thorns

I’m always dancing on my tip-toes

Twirling and whirling throughout and within

Take a step inside, really deep in there

And jot back out like a murderous fiend

I’ve always strived for this

A chase so unattainable

A heartrending love song to sing with merit

This is so damn melodramatic

Who would have thought I could come to this

Begging and pleading, wishing and screaming

When really this does nothing but push harder

Push you and push me, farther and father

I can’t get my grip back

My hands are too shaky to hang on tightly

I’m loosing momentum and you’re the road block

Such a simple, delicate, blooming road block

Car accidents and tremendous cramping

Who knew light could hurt so ruthlessly

-Kara DeMaeyer 2009 Copyright.



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