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Maybe not today, but someday...




Someday I will be able to open the blinds,

and let the light shine in; rather than letting it burn.

Someday I will look in the mirror and force a smile, even though it hurts.

Someday my heart won't be in so much pain, and I will remember what it feels like to love myself.

Someday I will laugh more, on the days where I feel like there's nothing to live for.

Someday I will learn to be more positive, rather then focusing on the negative.

Someday I will wake up and be the happiest person in the world for having that chance.

Someday I will learn to forgive & let go, of myself & others

Someday I will remind myself of my accomplishments, rather then focusing on my flaws.

Someday I will love life again, and all the beautiful things in it.

Someday I will be alive,

maybe not today... but someday :D



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