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  2. Apple and banana crumble Pasta bake Cheese and mushroom tartlets https://postimg.cc/d74LsXj0 https://postimg.cc/ZWvGKyPv
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  5. I also like the expression “hot cooker”. Gonna use that. Dave puts that little stove through its paces 😄
  6. geronimo

    Wednesday 15th June

    Hi Lala. Just a turn of phrase that means 'working very hard' - Dave always seems to cook 3 dishes and not easy ones!
  7. LaLa

    Wednesday 15th June

    @geronimo, why "slaving"??
  8. Earlier
  9. geronimo

    Wednesday 15th June

    Yum. More slaving over a hot cooker! Good work Dave.
  10. profiteroles with cream and chocolate sauce Cheese and Carmelised onions tart Cheese and onion pastries https://postimg.cc/K4RzPv3z https://postimg.cc/6T30CRhv https://postimg.cc/ZBqrFt6S
  11. I'm 68 yo and never had an intimate relationship with a woman because of my shame of having a small thin penis. I know it would not feel good to a woman. I read that I should brush up on my oral skills but women love to fuck. I'd like to know how the medical community came up with the measurement of what is a normal penis. They say that a man who can impregnate a woman is normal but humans don't have sex for procreation any more. Most woman say now days that size does matter so please spare me that bullshit about how is not the size its what you do with it. Do you think Heidi Klum would want a
  12. I never even heard of this desert but it looks delicious.
  13. I'm very thin also. My wife can't even tell if I'm in or not. I'm 6" long (on a good day), but VERY thin. My penis is smaller diameter hard than an "average" penis soft.
  14. I'd be very interested in a group setting. I'd like to hear other people's history, past and current problems. Share war stories.
  15. https://postimg.cc/t1YSj3RF Pear and chocolate upside down cake
  16. @malign how are you? Are you still taking psychology classes or is that done? @Klingsor for my job I had occasion to make about 20 phone calls to your State and I am telling you every single person was very nice. As a side topic, what is so hard about being nice? When and why did that go out of style?
  17. Well, men who are still alive are vastly more successful with women. 🙂 I know, it's not the same ...
  18. Just had my first jab my next one will be in August
  19. Dave, hope it goes well.
  20. I'm sorry, Dave :( . In any case, no need for an excuse; it wasn't your fault at all.
  21. Excuse me I had no idea this was going on in my thread. My initial intention for this thread was to inform people of the sad passing. If you were in the UK your comments would be treasonous to the royal family.
  22. This Wednesday. I be getting my first of two vaccine jabs
  23. This is all pointless and potentially disturbing to some. I'm sorry people coming here to read something about the late prince see these topics here. I'm obviously not not advocating for genocide and I don't think you have "bad intentions" either, but we should stop going on.
  24. I read that W. Virginia is raffling guns and pickups to incentive the vaccinations. They certainly know the demographic, my state has discussed something similar. I would love to perform an experiment, maybe enlist some help to do it...knowing how easy it is to start the stupidest shit trending on social media, especially facebook, I’d like to start a story going that men who’ve had the vaccination are experiencing penis growth and testosterone increases. Can you imagine? The military would have to begin escorting the shipments because they’d be hijacking freight trucks to get it and sel
  25. Asparagus and broad bean Quiche Tuna niche Cherry pudding https://postimg.cc/GTbXgmGw
  26. Nope. You didn't explain it. Prince Philip was an extreme environmentalist along with his son Prince Charles. The extreme environmentalist literature is full of genocidal ideas to save the planet. Nothing to respect about such thinking. You do know that Malthus advocated genocide? Malthus has been a staple of the Brit ruling class for a very long time as has been eugenics. Stay in LaLa land, I guess.
  27. Reviewing stupid extremism does nothing to deny that Prince Philip was a Malthusian advocating depopulation.
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