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  1. Yesterday
  2. I made it! Friday is over as far as the workday goes.
  3. Thank God it’s Friday! OMG I just want it to be 5pm. Sometimes after work on Friday I let myself take a nap 😴
  4. Last week
  5. LaLa

    Wednesday 14th April

    Good for you! Enjoy your meals!
  6. Daveuk

    Wednesday 14th April

    Rather new with cooking
  7. LaLa

    Wednesday 14th April

    Looks yummy! I see you enjoy cooking and baking - that's great! Is it a rather new hobby or you've been doing it longtime already?
  8. Sweet and sour stir fry Chicken and mushroom pie Mango and passion fruit pies https://postimg.cc/rzJ65wBj
  9. Sunday night is here again, in the blink of an eye the weekend evaporates. Had lunch w a friend Saturday afternoon that was fun. Had beers late Saturday night while listening to music, that was fun too. Today I just ran errands, mostly to get food in the house. I also bought weed killer at Home Depot. Yeah, exciting stuff.
  10. He had his own charity too called the Duke of Edinburgh awards
  11. geronimo

    Wednesday 7th April

    Very tasty, hope you enjoyed them all. Coffee cake sounds good. Last thing I cooked was salmon and vegetables, it was nice though.
  12. Yes, he did support many charities and the Queen for 70 years.
  13. I saw where Sir Michael Philip Jagger wrote a nice tribute to Prince Philip on his Facebook page, citing the Prince’s charitable work and support of athletics.
  14. Like always when a royal goes everything changes
  15. Yes I saw that. Not sure what to say but I hope things go well for all involved and it’s an occasion for reflection and healing. What are your thoughts/plans Dave.
  16. Earlier
  17. Made it through another long hard week. Happy Friday & welcome to the weekend. Supposed to be a bit rainy but that’s fine w me. Keeps the world a little quieter.
  18. Has sadly passed away today at age 99
  19. Coffee cake, chicken,pork and apricot pie and Balncmange https://postimg.cc/cg0ZkCb5 https://postimg.cc/Ppj15g68
  20. Yes, I also had a difficult week. Easter wishes to you, Vic & All on the forum.
  21. Dave, hope you weren't over egging your pudding! Happy Easter.
  22. Long week. Not real bad but a little too busy for my liking. Glad it’s the weekend. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter 🐣
  23. Daveuk

    Wednesday 31st march

    With Cadbury creme eggs on top
  24. Double chocolate cheesecake wow
  25. https://postimg.cc/py0t3W24 https://postimg.cc/68rbJcrq Double chocolate Easter cheesecake Easter pie Rocky road
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