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  2. Daveuk

    God Vs king

    No not biblical. But the match between Godzilla and king kong which will be happening this year
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  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2021/jan/21/glastonbury-2021-officially-cancelled-due-to-covid-pandemic 2021 Glastonbury Music Festival cancelled in UK ☹️
  5. That is a great idea Beth I should get back to walking some. Too often I tell myself there are other things that need to be done but that’s beside the point. Yes it has been a great winter so far weather-wise.
  6. I don't drink at all. It just tastes bad to me? 🤷‍♀️ Do you still get out an walk, Vic, or is the weather a big deterrent right now? We have had one huge snowstorm this year, but nothing else. Temperature has been somewhat milder than normal as well.
  7. Last week
  8. I had a few drinks over Christmas but hardly drink at all in general.
  9. geronimo

    Wednesday cooking

    "Yum" springs to mind. Choc muffins!
  10. Spinach, chicken and mushroom lasagna Chocolate chip muffins Blackberry and raspberry tart
  11. I just want to let each & everyone, suffering from anxiety. Let me tell you that anxiety isn't a weakness. Living with anxiety, going through a lot with anxiety, needs more courage & strength most will never know. Repeat after me that your anxiety is lying to you, you're loved and going to be ok. By inducing positivity in yourself, by self-reassurance, you'll get your energy back. I've read this amazing piece on the internet today & sharing it here to help others. https://ezcareclinic.com/methods-to-cope-with-anxiety/
  12. Hi @Daveuk! Glad you still walk amongst the living and are enjoying your movies 😊
  13. The vaccine has not reached the UK yet. We are In the 2nd lockdown. Tho Hollywood arnt slow on doing movies or parodies of covid Last year Corona zombies. Yes this movie was done in a day Death to 2020 on Netflix Songbird out now on Netflix about lockdown and covid 23
  14. Daveuk

    Cooking Blog

    Each Wednesday I be putting on my new cooking foods I be cooking
  15. I still suck at planning. Always something gets in my way. Either my own self tripping up or other people throwing up surprises. But I press on.
  16. Day off bored atm having coffee so thought I would babble a bit and update this. I have not had any beers this weekend, haven’t even felt like it. Throughout 2020 to I did drink beer, sometimes to excess sometimes not. Trying to cut back here in 2021. Been feeling tired and sluggish too often so that’s the motivation.
  17. Yeah, I suppose accurate information and reporting of side effects is the important thing, to help with decision making.
  18. @geronimo the problem is w/o the “get out of jail free” card it’s unlikely we would have any vaccine at all this soon. I am not defending the pharmaceutical industry, just stating the fact. Difficult situations rarely leave easy choices.
  19. I don't think pharma companies should get a 'get out of jail free' card with regard to vaccines and their effects though, either, that is not right/ethical, it's wrong.
  20. Yes, I noticed that report yesterday - obviously investigation will be needed to determine what happened there. I have read that in a couple of articles for example that the Pfizer and Moderna jabs can cause allergic reactions in those who are susceptible to that sort of thing. The Oxford vaccine is made a bit differently to those two. People have to make their own mind up - but many have had the vaccine with no particular probs so far.
  21. Ok thanks. So about as close to mandatory as you can get w/o actually labeling it as such.
  22. Robert Kennedy Jr vs Alan Dershowitz Debate
  23. Probably not mandatory, but you won't be allowed in work places, public transportation, concerts, etc. without it.
  24. Deaths in Norway from Vaccine?
  25. Obviously, the Queen and Prince Philip would engage in any publicity stunt if they were convinced by experts it was for the public good. If any people could avoid social contact systematically, it would be them. Clearly, avoiding the virus would be the safest course for them. We'll never know if they actually got the vaccine nor which one. They probably own stock in Big Pharma, too, possibly controlling interests! It was not for nothing that after the the 1976 disaster that the vaccine industry was eventually relieved of its liability for death, paralysis and injury which continue at
  26. Also the Queen and Prince Philip have had the vaccine so it must be alright 😝 Apparently the Oxford/ Astrazeneca one according to reports but it could be the Pfizer, they probably wouldn't really reveal that. But if you are already in your 90's, the balance of risk surely favours a punt on the vaccine!
  27. Thing is, they cannot spend 10 years approving a vaccine as we need it much more quickly than that. Also 1976 was quite some time ago, science has moved on since then. Just presenting another view, uptight.
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