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  3. Hi, Cyde, welcome to the forum! I don't understand why counselors don't have an adequate training including this topic!!
  4. Mini pork pies Salmon en croute French apple tart with lemon curd glaze https://postimg.cc/WqLLw6v2
  5. Micropenis social isolation is real. Rarely does one find a anyone who is compassionate about the subject. I’ve tried to visit about this with several different counselors. At the very mention of the word “micropenis” there is a long pause and it’s likely to be a conversation stopper. After 61 years, it’s still a problem.
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  7. Hi Sara and welcome to the community. I want to add my support. I'm sorry you were feeling so anxious and stressed. I hope you feel better now. Did anything precipitate the anxiety that you are aware of? I think talking to a professional would be a good idea. They can work with you to help you have an action plan with steps to take to care of yourself through this. Take care.
  8. @sara Hope you’re feeling better. Have you ever had these type of panic attacks before? What did you do then to resolve it? Is there anyway you could talk to somebody like a professional counselor? In the meantime remind yourself it’s just one day and everything passes with time. Give yourself a break and try to find something you enjoy, even if it’s just a little.
  9. Hi, Sara, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry nobody was online when you needed a quick reply. This forum isn't as active as it used to be... I hope you feel better now. How did you manage to cope with the panic attack? (Have you self-harmed? If not, congrats for non relapsing!) Have you learned anything useful that you could use in case it happens again? Was it your first? Do you know what triggered it? Take care!
  10. Bangers & mash would be right up my alley. I love all the ingredients. I might be ok w some peas too. Enjoy!
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  12. Bangers and mash ( sausage and mash potato and carrots ) Plum and blackberry pie Fish pie https://postimg.cc/217vNCfj https://postimg.cc/RWJSwRXk https://postimg.cc/dLLwK6Ph
  13. i’m having a panic attack, i just had one a few minutes ago and i calmed down but it’s back, i squeezed some ice hoping it would help. i want to self harm but i’ve been clean for ages and i don’t want to relapse. i can’t stop cruing
  14. Great news, everybody! I'm so glad to hear you all are already vaccinated! A big part of my family is, too; it's a good feeling. We, in Canada, have still weeks of waiting...
  15. I felt a bit chilly after the first jab. Hope you are fully ok soon.
  16. Surprised myself. Actually got a fair amount done all things considered. I mowed the lawn, went shopping. Did better then expected. And only one short half hour nap.
  17. Sunday morning here, having coffee, so far so good. Still not at full strength but can’t complain. Headed in the right direction. Thankfully there is not too much I have to do today.
  18. I got the Moderna and had no side effects from the first vaccine other than a very sore arm. About 10 hours after shot #2, I developed a fever, chills, fatigue, headache...I was much better 12 hours later. A small price to pay, I think, for some protection against this virus. Take it easy, rest and let those antibodies start building. I hope you feel better soon.
  19. UPDATE: I took a 1 hour nap, had lunch, showered, did a light bit of exercise and...I am still tired and have no energy. Verdict: I am definitely having some side effects of the COVID vaccine. Meh, no biggie. Would love to be more active but it ain’t happening so I will just chill. Might even get another nap! 😴
  20. I was warned of side effects by a friend but so far I feel fine. The vaccine yesterday has not negatively impacted me as far as I can tell. I have a very slight headache but that’s from the three beers I had last night and also allergies here are crazy. So mostly good news there. It’s Saturday morning and I am just relaxing & enjoying coffee. Looking forward to an easy day and then a couple beers tonight. There are chores to be done but I will do what I can & not worry about it.
  21. The weekend is here at last 😃 Also I finally got my 1st vaccine 💉! 2nd is May 21.
  22. Strawberry 🍓tart looks good!
  23. Quiche Lorraine, samsous and french strawberry tart https://postimg.cc/bGtXdQ1V https://postimg.cc/vcf67jbG
  24. Sunday 7:30am having coffee. Still rainy here, got cool overnight, had to turn on heater. Actually heard some good music on the radio last night while I had a few Miller’s 🍺 that was fun.
  25. Got another short nap & it really helped. Was able to do some exercise while listening to music. It’s rainy here so I am content to stay in. Updated my ‘to do’ list.
  26. No, no particular plans. If all goes to plan I will get my shots in May and hopefully can venture out more. At least I got a few things done today. It’s 4:25pm here.
  27. Three free days, that's great! Do you have any particular plans?
  28. It’s Friday 5pm here. Made it thru the day. A little stressful but not too bad. I have off Monday too thank God. I hope it’s a fun, restful and productive weekend.
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