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  2. Had use another image sharing site the one I normally use isn't bringing up the image Chicken tikka masala, tatie pot and lemon and aniseed surprise pudding https://ibb.co/dWCVYFJ
  3. Yeah, I don't see why you would expect any woman to provide this except for a lot of money.
  4. During various periods of my life I had lot of sex both in and out of 2 marriages. Due to my starkly "uncompetitive size" sex was always unsatisfactory to me and my partner except when providing one-sided oral. Alcohol was always necessary for having sex, also, so I could tolerate the unpleasant feelings involved. I continued defining insanity: repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result. I've often thought I'd have had a happier life if I had recognized at the outset I was uncompetitive as far as sex goes and just pursued and enjoyed other aspects of life. Your post makes me consider, "maybe not."
  5. This isn't quite it. Everyone's self esteem is fragile to an extent, even bullies. However, bullies maintain their self esteem by, at least in part, bullying. Unsuccessful attempts to bully hurt their self esteem, exactly what they deserve. The bully's addiction to self esteem through victimizing others needs to broken, brutally, it that is what it takes.
  6. geronimo

    Wednesday 22nd July

    Yum, mousse cheesecake.
  7. Whew made it to Saturday. So grateful for that. My back is about 90% better. It was just muscle spasms but they are not fun. Having coffee, not sure what the day will hold, want to relax but also get some things done. Had 3 beers last night and that was enjoyable.
  8. Earlier
  9. Double mousse cheese cake Hungarian vegetable soup https://postimg.cc/87yKPZ0b https://postimg.cc/rDnTXCGB
  10. Update: the back is improved, not completely yet but on the right track. Hopefully the next few days will be uneventful so I can just relax.
  11. This has been a great source of frustration for me. It's almost impossible to get a woman to do it for free. I have very specific needs when it comes to SPH. I don't like a lot of the stuff other guys seem to enjoy. I would need to find a woman I could see on a regular basis so I can teach her what I need but doing that with a paid service provider can be problematic. Plus I don't really have the money. Dommes are not ideal because they are used to using other fetishes along with the SPH and I'm not into any other fetish except maybe cuckold.
  12. That's another problem I have. I can't get erections and I have virtually no sexual experience and for a 62 year old guy I can't imagine what a woman would think once presented with these facts. Small penis that doesn't get hard and no experience. She's going to think "what the hell have I got myself into". It'll never happen though. My chance of ever having sex is gone now. I'm just waiting to die now so this hell can be over. I hate my life so much.
  13. There has been a trend in my life since childhood where if things get good for me for a little tiny bit of time then without question what follows is some very bad things. It’s like there’s a ceiling right above me that I can’t go any higher without the universe saying “nope back in your usual place of misery boy”. on Sunday I had a little fun I got out and saw a local concert where I met some folks that I had been talking to online during the quarantine. It was fun. Also as I mentioned before I’ve been doing some exercise and feeling good. Well of course by Tuesday things had to go downhill because it’s my life. First I had an extreme allergic reaction some red raspberries I ate. I literally struggled breathe for about an hour And it wasn’t until nightfall that I felt better. The next day I got out of bed and immediately threw my back out. I’ve been having muscle spasms in my back ever since. This is why I made this blog. How can anyone plan anything when your life is like this? Where are you never know when the next ambush is coming your way. Honestly I’m not super down or anything as I write this. Partly because I’ve gotten used to it, partly because I told myself that if this is the biggest problem my age that I’m doing pretty well. But nonetheless it sucks when you know that any good experience you have is going to lead to hellish ones following because that’s just your life.
  14. Not much rain, a few quick thunderstorms. Endless heat. But hey it’s July.
  15. Seems like TikTok has introduced the song Short Dick Man to a whole new generation of girls. There's other stuff on there too. Seems like ridiculing guys with small dicks is just as popular as ever. It's all in good "fun" of course. "guys when we tell you how useless and pathetic you are we're only joking"
  16. How's the weather where you are? We have had crazy amounts of rain here.
  17. Turns out I didn’t. Wasn’t in the mood.
  18. I had 4 Miller High Life at home last night. It was fun, turned up some music. Had a headache when I woke up but it’s passing. Enjoying coffee now, it’s a bright, hot, July day here ☀️ Not sure what the day will hold, got a few things I have to do which I won’t even go into but other than that just go w the flow. I have been doing more exercise lately - stretching, push ups, squats, isometrics - that kind of thing. So that is good. Need more walking. Maybe tonight have a few cold beers again.
  19. I would have no problem with any of that!
  20. Chicken ala orange Macaroni cheese Chocolate mousse cake .https://postimg.cc/vcpdyfs6 https://postimg.cc/JGgBW60c https://postimg.cc/zyF5kvsb
  21. Interestingly: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/05/the-low-desire-life-why-people-in-china-are-rejecting-high-pressure-jobs-in-favour-of-lying-flat 2020-2030 is going to be an interesting decade.
  22. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/consumer-inflation-posts-biggest-increase-since-2008-cpi-shows-11626180086 https://www.forbes.com/sites/billconerly/2021/07/07/the-labor-shortage-is-why-supply-chains-are-disrupted/?sh=7234de30301d https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/22/politics/what-matters-labor-shortage/index.html “There's something of a Rorschach test here. You can look at the plight of business owners and think the government should cut support that's making it hard for them to hire. Or you can look at a person whose wages are normally low enough that $300 per week is enough to keep them out of the labor force and think maybe businesses should raise pay.”
  23. Is this forum still active/open? I have a friend who has a micropenis and I'm trying to find him a support group to help with his frustrations/woes. Thank you in advance!
  24. Chicken Caesar salad Ham and bacon quiche Orange polanta cake https://postimg.cc/kVn5Mc58 https://postimg.cc/bSXcryRM https://postimg.cc/nXSWMVFk
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