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  1. Jeep


    I am sorry to hear this Andromeda, if you can focus on something to give you hope in the future like Lana suggests it might help, I think hope is so important.
  2. You are not that person any more. Don't hurt yourself Ben, you can have the future you want.
  3. Jeep


    Thanks for asking man, I am concerned about you and I am praying for you. Like Irma says nothing needs to be final, nobody knows what tomorrow might bring. Your life matters, you matter resolute and even if you can't speak to us here you will continue to matter to us. If you could carry that around inside you and remember it when you are low it will help.
  4. Jeep


    How are you feeling resolute?
  5. Jeep


    Make sure you are not enabling this suicide. Stop and think for a moment: this is a human being who is planning his death, do you really want to be a part of this? Is that the type of friend you want to be? You are ill resolute, please get help. Things can get better and things do get better for many people in situations similar and probably worse than yours. Edit: I am sorry if that sounded sanctimonious.
  6. I am sorry I wrote that resolute it was crass, and more a reflection of my feelings about my own depression than yours. But I do believe in hell and I don't want you to go there, please don't hurt yourself resolute.
  7. I will pray for you and your situation resolute, take care man.
  8. Also Jesus loves you and I hope you accept him as your savior before you spitefully destroy your body. You know historically there are people who would have given their left nut (or if female left tit) to live in a first world country like you and to have access to the internet and everything it contains.. you have warm water and a roof over your head and don't have fleas and lice? You live like a king, better than most historic kings anway. Just sayin' You are older and wiser than me so who am I to judge. Whatever I sincerely wish you the best resolute.
  9. There are different measures of success. Have you thought that the fact that people here care about you means that you have had success? You have chatted and made people laugh, had arguments and discussed deep topics etc Basically reached out and formed relationships with people who value what you have to say, is that not of value?
  10. mts I think I can speak for myself and for others on this forum when I say that your posts are appreciated even when they contradict or challenge us. Your views are always welcome. I always like reading what you have to say.
  11. Christians believe that Yahweh and Jesus are of the same substance Malign. Malign mentioned Christianity, if you are interested m.allen I would discuss my understanding of the good news with you if you private message me. Being repentant means turning away from ever doing it again, the rape fantasy is of concern because it might indicate you are not really repentant. Jesus teaches that repentance and forgiving trespasses by others against us is necessary to receive forgiveness for our own trespasses, we also have to believe he is the son of god and that he died for our sins. I will say that go
  12. If you are in a relationship with someone and love someone you want to please them and will find a way, it might take a while to learn what they want and how to satisfy them but I think it can be done. It might just be that casual promiscuous sex is not an option for you as you do not have time to learn a partner's needs and cannot provide normally expected options.
  13. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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