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  1. Hi there - I just wanted to ask where you got your signature picture from - I like them. Especially the anxiety one - I'd wear that badge :)

  2. Hello Proverbs. I recall that you were interested in perhaps sharing in a sort of exercise log with other members to keep motivated? This may be late, but if you would like I can share a record of my running here.

  3. Hi. How are you feelign today?

  4. I am not sure this is a "disorder" per se, but this looked like the best forum for my question. I am, in medical terms, morbidly obese. 5'8", 200 pounds. I grew up being told I was "fat" and always believed I was. It was not until adulthood that I looked back at pictures of me as a child and teen and realized I was NOT fat. I was literally shocked by the photos because I have very vivid memories of myself as a fat kid. After my second child, I started gaining weight. It was a slow increase at first but then took off with my depression. Mainly because I became an emotional eater and became mostly sedentary. I have been turning to food when I am sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, stressed- you name it! If it is an emotion, there is usually a food to help me deal with it! However, there have been times when my depression is bad that I simply don't eat at all. I have no appetite and can go days without eating until I realize I am feeling weak and run down and will then force myself to eat something. This is where I am at right now. I have not eaten more than a few bites a day for the past week. I am getting that run down, weak feeling and realized today I needed to start eating. But, I can't. I physically cannot bring myself to eat. The thought of food- any kind- is absolutely repulsive to me. I stand in front of the cabinets and fridge and everything is so unappetizing to me. In fact, I literally feel like I am going to throw up if I eat anything. I will admit that, in recent months, I have ocassionally "purged" after feeling sudden, extreme guilt after emotional eating. This guilt came out of nowhere. It happened again a few days ago. I ate a handful of chips and suddently felt so guilty and could not stand the thought of food being in my stomach so I ran to the bathroom and... Since then, I have not been able to bring myself to eat more than a few bites at a time and, now, nothing. Does anyone know what causes a sudden aversion to foods? Is this part of the depression I am in right now, a symptom of my anxiety or something entirely different. I did not do this as a weight loss attempt, by any means, so please do not look to that as an explanation.
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