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  1. Yeah for being vaccinated! It does feel good to see the light at the end of this tunnel. On Friday, our company lifted the mask mandate if you're vaccinated. Now I feel weird and "naked" without it, so today I put it back on. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Hi Sara and welcome to the community. I want to add my support. I'm sorry you were feeling so anxious and stressed. I hope you feel better now. Did anything precipitate the anxiety that you are aware of? I think talking to a professional would be a good idea. They can work with you to help you have an action plan with steps to take to care of yourself through this. Take care.
  3. I got the Moderna and had no side effects from the first vaccine other than a very sore arm. About 10 hours after shot #2, I developed a fever, chills, fatigue, headache...I was much better 12 hours later. A small price to pay, I think, for some protection against this virus. Take it easy, rest and let those antibodies start building. I hope you feel better soon.
  4. I would recommend getting support for all family members as soon as possible. My two daughters have level one autism, which is akin to Asperger's. My eldest daughter just turned 25 and her care is as challenging as it ever has been. Support can be invaluable. I follow kristy forbes - autism & nd support and autistic women & nonbinary network, but they may be more geared toward girls and women. I find Kristy Forbes enlightening. I hope your friend gets the support and helps she needs and that works best for her and her family.
  5. My husband and I had the first vaccine this morning. My arm is a bit sore, but so far, so good. Very grateful!
  6. I think some members may feel better, yes. Others have moved on for various reasons, I imagine. The terrain is always changing.. I have wondered why there hasn't been more new members here. The new ones don't often seem to stay either. 🤷‍♀️ There does seem to be a greater need these days for the instant gratification of sites like facebook. Though I do use FB, this place will always be my "home." I prefer a slower pace and a smaller community.
  7. I use social media, but I mostly end up supporting others. I do enjoy seeing family photos and watching kids grow up. I generally wouldn't use Facebook to share a lot of problems, feels too wide open. I have always preferred to share in my blog here. Wayless, there was a time when this site was much more active, but activity has faded as the years have gone by. I sometimes miss the interactions with community members and friends.. SweetSue, Endless Night, Luna, Danni, David O, Smallstar, Finding My Way, Jai Jai, ken Ian..
  8. I don't drink at all. It just tastes bad to me? 🤷‍♀️ Do you still get out an walk, Vic, or is the weather a big deterrent right now? We have had one huge snowstorm this year, but nothing else. Temperature has been somewhat milder than normal as well.
  9. My husband and I are eligible for the vaccine now, but it is extremely difficult to find an open appointment anywhere. The supply is very limited, apparently. My eyes and ears are open. I would gladly give my spot up for my girls, if I could. I'm hoping they will be eligible soon as well. We are waiting and trying to stay safe in the meantime.
  10. Hello, uptight outasight. I hope we can get this done soon. It does look like there is an update available. I will try to contact Mark malign, who is much more tech savvy than I am.
  11. No, the site is not a headache at all. Computer glitches. I'm glad to hear that some of the issues have been corrected. Maybe Mark (malign) might have some insight about some of the remaining issues. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. Take care, all.
  12. I know that LaLa has been unable to sign in to our forum recently. I wonder if the latest update has caused issues. Is anyone else having similar difficulties?
  13. My husband pointed this out to me last week, but he told me tonight that it suddenly disappeared! 😳 The mystery deepens...
  14. Hello, Scruffycat. I'm sorry for the super delayed response. How are you feeling now? I have two daughters who are autistic (also diagnosed late) and who also both struggle with anxiety and OCD. What you have shared here does sound familiar. OCD can cause disturbing intrusive thoughts that, in turn, can cause extreme internal distress. I see this with them on a daily basis. I'm sorry you're going through this. 😞 As I tell my girls, it isn't always so much about what the specific thoughts are as it is a pattern of thought processes. I'm not certain if the inappropriate feelings you describ
  15. Have you called your doctor? Your body might need time to adjust to the meds or possibly you need a different medication and/or dosage. I hope your doc has some thoughts about what to do. Sounds stressful. I hope you feel better soon.
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