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  1. Me too... where have you been??? Did I see you as the UK goalie at the world cup, or were you the forward that scored against the US?

  2. It's early, shouldn't you still be asleep... and by the way, where's the coffee and Danish you promised, or was that Karen??

  3. Im gonna be a taster for Cadbury's :D (well hopefully one day)

    Oh well in my spare time, Im just gonna try and change one or two of our stupid laws, in this country. Guess its a good job, I have plenty of spare time eh ?

    You really dont read blogs very often do ya !!!! :P

    and hey my spanish is improving all the time, I have worked real hard at it. Is it reallly that bad ?

    Although you guys speak, is it french or something ? on that thread last time I checked - I aint gotten a clue on that language :eek:

  4. Well, you'd better not be a Spanish to Portuguese to English translator... you'll put me out of business on the forum!!!:eek: So, just what is this life passion you speak of, Maisy's momma?

  5. See what I mean eh ???

    Hi Digger indeed :rolleyes::D

    That must have felt wonderful hun, I kinda miss being called Maisy's moma, or Tobys mo mo, by there friends. Fab memories :) - thankyou

    Im having a busy day !!!

    But I have found my focus in life and Im going for it - what can be better than that,

    So I guess watch out world coz Im on my way !!!! :P

  6. Hi Digger.... I remember a time when I was not David, but Benjamen's dad or Abigail's dad, and soon I was no longer me but just an extension of these wonderful kids. So I began asking if I was chopped liver-- how's that for sassy? Great day hear dear, and you?

  7. Its Digger !!!

    I let her back out of her kennel for a while, its my old avator :D

    And I swear, even my friends are saying hi to Digger now instead of me, and I have to remind them that oh yeah and Hi Sue !!! :rolleyes::D

    Hows your day hun ?

  8. Hola chica muy, muy, muy linda! By the way... love the puppy, it's an excellent image for you.

  9. Hey well done hun - it took me ages to work it out too :P

    Only sometimes ??? :D :D

  10. You know what's funny, I just learned how to give and receive messages on this today, so you're my trial run. Sometimes there's no accounting for my intelligence.

  11. Unfortunately, Wal Mart greeters are older geezers than me (and I'm pretty ancient.... I think you have to be around 110 or so to be able to show those pearly whites (dentures by then) to people coming into the the very elite store.

  12. Not at all how I imagined you:eek:... I pictured someone slightly more blueish, wearing a Kimono, an oversized sombrero, sandals, famine underwear (but how would I know of course), and knickers.:D:D

    Thanks for sharing Luna... you are an absolute gem even if you are from another planet.

    Ciao chica muy linda

  13. a bello dude - :confused: :D

    David why on earth have you started thinking of yourself that way, I mean its a cool title and everything, but that title could be whats stopping you from getting your dream Job - A Walmart Greeter :D:P

  14. I'm doing very well, thank you... bout as well as a bello dude can do!!

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