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  1. I've have a few short glimpses of contentment, enough to let me know that the seperation from my husband was the right thing to do. It is bloody hard though becoming single after 20 years as a couple, a disfunctional one at that. Despite declaring his undying love to me and begging me not to end the marriage my ex-husband is very actively seeking out another partner. To be in the company of my daughter is as always a tonic, we have so may laughs. She is off travelling for the month of June . No.1 son has calmed considerably since his dad left. Ro, well he wanted the fairytale of a happy united family, but he wants to live with me, so that is good. I feel that I am going through a process (the seperation) and have to experience all that goes with it - I know I'm not the first or won't be the last, but as I already said, It's bloody hard! Goose
  2. Hi to you too. Haven't been around much. Hope all is ok.

  3. just popped by to say Hi :)

  4. Hi Goose :)

    I guess thats all any of us can do really, take things one day at a time.

    Im sorry you are struggling hun, Im around if you want to talk, Hope you are feeling better :o

    take care

  5. Hey Sue , I just got your message. So glad to hear everything is good for you. I'm struggling a little bit myself, so am just going to take it one day at a time.

  6. Hi goose :)

    Things for me are going ok at the moment (she says quickly touching wood and crossing her fingers) :)

    Hope your ok hun

    Take care :o


  7. Thank you for saying Hi Sue. Nice to hear from you - hope you are doing well.

  8. was thinking of you and thought I'd drop by and say Hi,

    so HI :)

    Hope your ok hun

    Take care


  9. I think I will journal how things go with me coming off meds. I'm a couple of days in now. Don't know if I am suffering any side effects because I have a fever, chest infection and vertigo - which is quite likely masking the side effects. I know I'm not sleeping - but again is that due to the infection I currently have? I think the lack of sleep will be the difficult one to cope with if it continues. My mood is stable, however I seem to be a little more sensitive to confrontation at the moment. Overall conclusion - so far so good.
  10. Hey Goose :)

    The weekend went by in a blur for me, think I slept through most of it (oops).

    I was so pleased to hear your dad is improving hun.

    How are things for you ?

    Take care


  11. Hi Sue. I hope the week-end was ok for you.

    Take Care


  12. Hey Goose :)

    Im ok thanks hun, Im having a good day, I have to go play Bingo soon (oh god stop laughing) Im 36 and I have to go play Bingo and behave myself. Im in a hyper, I just know Im gonna get silly. Too much temptation and I dont need the encouragement today :D

    I love the elderly, I miss working with them. Maybe when I feel better I will return back to that line of work. It is very rewarding. :)

    How are things going at home hun ? Has your son came home yet ?

    Its good to hear from you, I often wonder how you are.

    Take care


  13. Hi Sue

    Sorry i just nipped online before I headed off to work. You know what I really enjoy my work - I deal with the public all the time and I get great satisfaction sorting out their problems - particularly for the elderly. It also gives me a break from the home situation. How are you doing at the moment?

  14. hey Goose,

    saw you were on line so thought I'd stop by and say Hi :)

    Hope that you are ok hun, and that today is kind to you :o

    Take care


  15. easter18.gif

    Happy Easter Goose :)

    Hope that you are ok hun

    Take care

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