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  1. Hope you hear something soon. Have my fingers crossed for you big bro
  2. Im sure 'K' would be smiling anyway Beth, he is in so many peoples hearts that he surely must be happy and at peace (((hugs))))☺. Im glad you managed to find it - its a great book Big Sis? Wonder how JaiJai is doing? Went shopping with Bebe today - nothing exciting just the usual weekly grocery shop. Bebe chose her pocket money gift (her treat for being such a good girl - which she always is) a really cute soft doll. I asked her what her dolls name was? To which she just looked at me matter of factly and said Bebes Baby ☺ like der, silly me - should of known that!? Its a m
  3. Hey big sis Yes, The Bungle Jungle Bedtime Kiss is a strong favourite of Bebes' (and mine). Its one of those touch n feel books - and such a lovely story ?? Its about a little monkey wanting his right kiss goodnight and a gentle reminder to busy mums (and dads) that goodnights should not be rushed. Im afraid I may have turned my little girl into a bookworm. We love reading together ☺
  4. Hi Luna So pleased to hear you are doing ok hun ☺
  5. Hi Beth ☺ Will give Bebe a hug when she wakes up - she has decided that its her nap time instead of lunch - perhaps she just didnt fancy what was on her menu this mealtime ? Hope all is going well for you☺
  6. SweetSue

    Keep On Trying

    Good luck with your studies big bro ?
  7. Life has been floating along quite smoothly for some time now - Im not saying I havnt messed up ocassionally (coz lets face it, this is me) or that life has been easy (coz its not) or that Ive won the lottery ( dont gamble) or that Ive suddenly become normal (eeek scarey thought!) But I can say Im enjoying life again - which is something I thought Id never be able to say without lying! Parts of me - important parts of my being will always be lost, until one day, someday, maybe never but hopefully one day. Ive had to accept that - it was hard. Very hard. But time moves forward even
  8. SweetSue

    unknown as yet

    The days go by so fast, part of me is wondering if the days get shorter the older i get. It dont seem like my little one was born that long ago, yet next week she will be 18 months old. My little bundle of joy is now a fully fledged toddler who is desperately trying to learn how to jump, and can almost do it now, watching her determination truely makes my heart smile. Am due for us to be moved on again in the next week or two, must admit that i am finding it a tad daunting, but also kinda hoping it will be ok and not affect Bebe too much. It will be nice to have somewhere we can call our
  9. SweetSue

    been a while

    Its a warm December here too. Its a shame really coz I really want it to snow. Hope that you enjoy your break big sis and that you have a great Christmas.(I wouldn't worry about the housework hun,, as that can always be done another dayday
  10. SweetSue

    been a while

    Hey Big Sis Thanks for the wonderful animal cuddlies And you could be right, my little girl certainly knows her own mind, I could easily imagine her being a leader of some kind. But whatever she achieves in this world no matter how big or small, one thing is for sure I will be right there with her cheering her on Hows things with you hun? Hope that you are doing okay. Wish it would snow here, really fancy playing outside with a sled!
  11. SweetSue

    been a while

    Hi big sis . Bebe has several gerties. I have passed on my love of them to her, though she does insist on calling them Woofs . Bebe seems to be more drawn to lions - maybe they will be her protectors and help guide her through life just as gerties help me.Who knows? One things for sure its real cute watching her play with her soft toy animals and listening to her immitate their sounds
  12. SweetSue

    been a while

    Hey Beth , Hey big sis I'm okay enough, actually I'm doing better than I have in years. I've been off medication for quite some time now. Bebe certainly makes me happy. Life took a turn for the worse back in June, my babies daddy went psycho on us - idiot. Thankfully I've learnt a lot over the years and got us to safety as soon as I could. So now my family consists of just my daughter and myself, and our home is a safe house - not what I had hoped for my little one, but at least we are safe and she is flourishing. Just waiting for court cases to begin, and then we can move on with our life co
  13. SweetSue

    been a while

    I know its been a while since i last visited here - ooops! Life kinda takes over sometimes. Bebe is now 14 months and walking, even if somewhat wobbly and has well and truely mastered the art of wrapping me round her little fingers Its been a hectic past six months, Bebe and I relocated down south (where its loads warmer) a few months or so ago. Still trying to find my way around the area, but i dont get lost that often now, so its all good. Hope that my friends here are all ok as they can be. Take care x
  14. SweetSue

    Been A While

    Wow what a cool looking island, soooo much beach , thanks big sis. My little Bebe has finally cut her first tooth. That's it - my big news. It doesn't sound like much, but you best believe the big grin on my face today when I noticed it . Cant believe how quickly my days pass since my little girl was born, and honestly cant remember being this happy before, which is kinda strange considering this isn't the first time round for me to be a moma - but I refuse to over think that thought - guess, sometimes, things are just the way that they are because that's the way they are meant to be.
  15. SweetSue

    Been A While

    Thanks for the kind messages everyone . My little girl is 5 months old on the 2nd - and gosh the time has flown by! Guess the first few months have been hectic to say the least, but extremely happy ones . Social Services have taken a step back now and have no input in our life, as they can see that Bebe is well cared for and loved. We still have a Support Worker from the local area, that pops by once in a while to see if we need any help or support - but touch wood and with fingers and toes crossed as yet we have not needed it. My little bundle is filling my days with ever so much chaos, fu
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