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  1. Mostly same ole...

    1. jazz


      Hello and welcome back 🌼

    2. IrmaJean


      Good to hear from you, mts. 

  2. I regret writing about my personal details now now nevermind. I am in the process of going through forms and bs.
  3. I almost wrote young addicts... (who haven't paid anything), it was just a thought
  4. I can relate a little bit to your problems at work. I go quiet when more than one person is around and if I'm in a room with someone I don't know very well. I have trouble going in and I am very avoidant of everyone there. I think if you think you could receive support while on it and gain some benefit from doing so, rather than working a job which just makes you feel worse, then I would say yes I think you should be on it, but i'm sorry you weren't able to, perhaps you could get support to help you stand more of a chance of receiving it? In the UK claims for disability are reexamined
  5. If you're concerned about waste and abuse, you could say that addicts should be refused social security, on the basis that it is unlikely to produce positive results. I'm not sure that receiving money (although there was no other support either) for my addiction was the right move, it might have been better to have been made homeless.
  6. Infirm means mentally or physically weak, so where does mentally weak end and "differently enabled" begin? You would need to draw a line through someones reports about their difficulty coping and decide their level of competency for them, so where do you draw it?
  7. It's especially good for disabled people to enforce this ideology at christmas apparently.
  8. I'm sorry too, Pax, that you've been having such a rough time. I hope you'll keep posting.
  9. I am motivated by other people. For me motivation is (practically speaking) being noticed and accepted. If I cannot look into the eyes of others and see myself, then my identity and feelings are a mere memory and I anticipate only further neglect of them. Attention and acceptance from others is a light and it is energy and fresh air. I like to meet other fragile and suffering people. And I like to hear laughter, see smiling faces.
  10. Any updates? Sorry everyone is gong through hard times. Idk what to say sometimes.
  11. Often the silent thoughts or the ones racing around in my head don't help me either. And I start to feel time. When going into work recently for example, I try to go through the door. But I repeatedly get stuck at the door. I totally freeze. At this point, I've still got say, 2 hours left. Then it becomes 1 and a half hours, then 1 hour, then 40 minutes--and I start to panic, because it's become less about "trying to relax before I go in", and more about "panicking about the time reducing". What works best is when I try to do things quickly but it rarely works.
  12. For me I find if I think (conscioously) about things too much I usually end up unable to stop thinking and start doing things. But I often end up doing nothing anyway.
  13. I think I might know what you mean because whenever I am in the process of changing things in my life I often keep my thoughts to myself.
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