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  1. Thank you for reaching out I did get this notification through my email so thought I would stop in and say Hi. All is well with me, I still have been hospital free in over a year and that is a wonderful thing for me considering my lengthly and numerous hospital stays. I am working in a large hospital in Philadelphia as a Psychotherpaist and Certified Peer Specialist in the Psychaitric units. And what is really great is that I am not triggered by anyone or anything and instead I offer my experience and I offer hope to those who are suffering. I am also on the new recovery steering comm
  2. Thank You Cynthia. It is nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. The holidays are a tough time for lots of people but I will try and get through as best I can. Please spread the word of wellness and recovery, we all can achieve it!!!
  3. Hi Tmays Thanks so much for asking how I am doing. How are you? I removed my posts because of a few reason was was one of privacy issues with the internet and the other was because some people don't want to read about feeling good and recovering it seems maybe I wasn't meeting my depressed posts quota and sometimes moving on is best. I guess I was lucky to see this in my email box. I am doing great. I had started to feel a shift finally after I started the mental health certified peer program in our state. I was either going to Timber Line Knolls a residential treatment center for women with t
  4. Hey Leo, sorry your having such physical difficulties with it. I am sure it is no fun. Are you able to check and see if there really is another Dr in the area who can adjust it? It is hard going to a Dr you dont like. Where did you have it done? Can you call them to see what options you have for another Dr? So besides the physical stuff, has it helped you mentally? I was doing research on it with my Dr because I was out of options with meds and we were looking at other alternatives. There was a study going on at the university hospital and since insurance was not yet covering it so I though
  5. Leo how is it working for you???
  6. Hey Leo put yourself in the drivers seat and keep driving and dont ever stop. Take yourself to where ever YOU need to be.... (((Leo)))
  7. so go ahead Allen, get this started????
  8. Jim check out my FB posts this morning. One talks about the "now"....
  9. Sissagwaad, agreed, and I totally get peer recovery but I guess this is exactly what happens that something gets posted like this almost a month ago and no response to the replies. Oh well, life goes on.... literally.....
  10. Hey Shannon I'm just reading this today and Yup your manic side came right? Be productive and try to keep the balance... You know where to find me..... :-))
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