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  1. LaLa

    Wednesday 15th June

    @geronimo, why "slaving"??
  2. I'm sorry, Dave :( . In any case, no need for an excuse; it wasn't your fault at all.
  3. This is all pointless and potentially disturbing to some. I'm sorry people coming here to read something about the late prince see these topics here. I'm obviously not not advocating for genocide and I don't think you have "bad intentions" either, but we should stop going on.
  4. Have a look... There are many videos "od this kind" on that YT channel. For instance also this one, putting causes of death into perspective (I'm sure some will surprise you a lot (I just don't know which ones šŸ˜› , in your case)):
  5. I'm glad for you. Have a nice, relaxing weekend!
  6. LaLa

    Wednesday 20th May.

    I was curious about the cake, so I googled it. Except for many of its traditional forms, I have also found his one and I'm sharing it as you're British : click here to see examples One of them, for instance: BTW:
  7. Hi, @Klingsor; good to see you back again! How are you doing? BTW, I noticed the quotation in your "signature". It's so funny in this context... (I mean you reacting to a topic "arguing about the wish to kill humanity", not mentioning anything about it in your post, but still having that quote underneath it.) BTW, I had no idea about those reptilians' "theories". I just knew about the existence of some "reptilian conspiracies", but never heard / read what they claim. (Well, not sure if knowing makes any difference...)
  8. Telling a dark joke (or comment, if you really cannot agree to call such comments "humor") couldn't be farer from "advocating genocide". He was known for his humour, sometimes unwelcome, and also for his caring about important causes - he wouldn't be so implicated if he really wanted "genocide"... I'm sorry for even "explaining" this and also for not doing it right (in a way that would give me more chance to be understood). I don't think "arguing" would lead somewhere. So I'm leaving this topic.
  9. It's the first. (Here, only a few people who got the 1st shot in December, already received the 2nd one. The gap is 16 weeks.) I don't feel anything (yet?), just (after several hours) a very mild pain when I touch the spot where it was injected. I usually react to vaccines (like the anti-flu) like this - almost no reaction. Don't worry, Vic; some people do get sick, but not seriously, as far as I know. And it's just a small %, so the probability to get even mildly sick now is much, much lower (after about 2 week after vaccination - even the 1st shot; the second is rather for a longer-last
  10. Do you have a proof of it's just some misconstrued tabloid gossip? Anyway; I wouldn't be surprised if some (or even many) people who know enough about the environmental crisis thought that way. I would just be surprised if someone in such a function said it publicly because it would make him an easy target for haters.
  11. So, finally, not weeks anymore. We got (last week) an appointment for tomorrow!
  12. Hi, Cyde, welcome to the forum! I don't understand why counselors don't have an adequate training including this topic!!
  13. Hi, Sara, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry nobody was online when you needed a quick reply. This forum isn't as active as it used to be... I hope you feel better now. How did you manage to cope with the panic attack? (Have you self-harmed? If not, congrats for non relapsing!) Have you learned anything useful that you could use in case it happens again? Was it your first? Do you know what triggered it? Take care!
  14. Great news, everybody! I'm so glad to hear you all are already vaccinated! A big part of my family is, too; it's a good feeling. We, in Canada, have still weeks of waiting...
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