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  1. I post this for the plea in the end as well as an exemple of human incredible (?) stupidity which manifests itself even is such simple everyday things like preparing food and placing an order: https://www.vox.com/2020/11/21/21587723/coronavirus-covid-19-thanksgiving-holidays-canceled For instance: Besides the stupidity, the sense of 'entitlement' and the 'first-world' nature of these "problems" (of those customers) are so disgusting...
  2. My newest podcast discovery! For instance: Resilience: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csyv0l Why do we need to talk about men? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csyv0j Why are we shy? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csyv06 and many others: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00xtky9/episodes/downloads Enjoy!
  3. (Something the US would need now probably more that ever...)
  4. LaLa


    I'm sorry I made you worried . I promis that if I get COVID (or something else "like that"), I'll post about it here. So when I don't, it means I'm probably doing OK.
  5. LaLa


    I'm sorry for my very late reply. I haven't visited this site for some weeks. Not because of some particular reason; I just "haven't found the time"... (Even worse, I'm procrastinating with replying to e-mails even more that before...) BTW; I also think that being asleep, in the phase without dreams (they can be pretty 'exhausting' sometimes), is the best state I (and probably many others ) can be in. The lack of awareness, of anything, ... and without actually needing to undergo the (often ugly and painful) process of dying!
  6. Good luck with your art projects, @Klingpeach! I hope you won't feel like destroying the results...
  7. Exactly! Such a good point! Unfortunately... Not to mention some of them then abuse kids... It reminds me of a joke (a cartoon, so this is just a description) where a priest says "we need the kids!" (in the sense that the peadophiles among them need poor children in bad life conditions to easily prey on them and abuse them)...
  8. And how did you like it, Dave?
  9. The website software was updated.
  10. I love Miranda, @geronimo! (And it was the 1st time I saw Tom Ellis. Then I also saw him in the sitcom / TV series Monday, Monday. I'm almost sure that because of acting there with him, she has chosen him for the role of Gary https://youtu.be/q_ZV0D1laaU?t=27 ) Sorry, everyone, for "fangirling" here ...
  11. https://www.hilariousworld.org/about The same person also published this book: https://www.hilariousworld.org/episode/2020/05/04/free-chapters-of-the-hilarious-world-of-depression-the-book-the-audiobook
  12. I hope you don't mind me referencing again one of my favourites shows, for instance through this fan-made compliation music video: https://youtu.be/fjtnHieN_n4?list=PLNm5ZnWoRoW2-1qcrCMiVtuql1csWscgK If you don't want to watch the whole video (for what ever reason, for instance that it's full of spoilers), you may try the very beginning, but mainly the excerpt beginning here: https://youtu.be/fjtnHieN_n4?list=PLNm5ZnWoRoW2-1qcrCMiVtuql1csWscgK&t=93 Or... it's easier to just read it here:
  13. Hello, @Chickadee, welcome! I hope you'll find here what you're looking for. Feel free to write us more about yourself and / or join other topics on the forum! Take care!
  14. I'm so glad you'll going to see an OCD therapist soon ad that you're already taking meds than can help! I know it's all very difficult for you now, but you're well aware that killing yourself over such a thing would be absurd. And you also know you haven't done anything bad, it's only a problem of your mind that sometimes causes the misleading thought that you have. You wouldn't forget it. The false memory is a creation of your mind. Is there anything you could do in the meantime to clam down and re-direct your attention when you feel so agitated and guilty? What has helped in the past?
  15. That is interesting, u. o., in several ways!
  16. Hello again, @ineedhelp! I've just seen this video - perhaps it would be good for you to see it, too
  17. LaLa


    Thanks, @geronimo! I've seen all the episodes of Would I lie to you available on YouTube (possibly all that have been broadcasted)! I also have a few of David Mitchell's (audio)books. On YouTube, I think the possibly best of his content is this series - perhaps you'll like it, too : https://www.youtube.com/user/davidmitchellsoapbox (It's been fascinating to me how very similar we are in opinions (and even some preferences and attitudes)! After all I've heard from him, I identified only about 3 opinions in which we differ (and with regard to just the huge number of opinons he said
  18. Hi, Vevey, welcome! I think communicating in a written form shouldn't be a problem. (A good old pen and paper would be fine, but if you prefer technology....) It's sad that yor mom doesn't believe you. She probably doesn't know about selective mutism https://selectivemutismcenter.org/whatisselectivemutism/ or just doesn't admit that it could happen in her family. I wonder if finding a way to communicate with the doctor other than talking is the only thing that worries you and that you'd like to 'talk' about here. If you feel like searching for possible reasons of your inabili
  19. LaLa


    Any fans of The Peep Show here? I still haven't seen it, just some episodes on YouTube (it's not accessible on Netflix where we currently live), but I've watched many excerpts, for instance: WARNING: A lot of "bad language"...
  20. LaLa


    Interesting. Why would those be a "guilty" pleasure??
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