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  1. If you are in the US, you can first call a helpline: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline https://www.eatingdisorderhope.com/treatment-for-eating-disorders/get-help https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/eating-disorders/related/eating-disorder-hotlines/ https://www.bulimia.com/topics/eating-disorder-hotline/ And I hope this kind of help is also available in many other countries... If there is such helpline for you, please call as soon as you can.
  2. Hi, emily, welcome! I'm sorry you're struggling with this serious issue and your parents aren't helpful at all. I would suggest consulting your doctor or finding a specialist on eating disorders. It is important for you to advocate for yourself and seek help, even though it's certainly very difficult. You can also find reliable ressources and give information about this issue to your parents to help them understand. It is possible to cure eating disorders, there are specialists available. The most difficult part is to seek and find help. Please don't give up. Your life can get so much better... Best of luck!
  3. Hi, @depressedcollegekid, welcome! I'm sorry that some guys here made you feel so bad. This is a forum where men post mainly about their suffering related to these issues, but that doesn't mean that their experiences, decisions, and solutions apply to everyone. Your choice is not between their life and death; you live your own life and can make your own decisions, find your own strategies, ... And although women are most often portrayed here as some weird shallow creatures who mostly care about "size", we, the women on this forum, have been repeatedly mentioning that as this doesn't apply to us, it certainly doesn't apply to many other women, too. It just seem harder to find those, unfortunately. But finding "a good match" is hard anyway (for everyone), isn't it? This is just... "one more criteria on the list". I hope you'll find the one who'll accept and love you as you are. Take care! BTW, I'm afraid it's improbable that the two members you addressed in your posts will reply because their accounts have been inactive for quite some time (October 2018 in the case of SamMann).
  4. Many can relate... BTW, I really recommend the whole Netflix special, Inside (to everyone with Netflix access).
  5. LaLa

    Feeling fine

    Hi, @Andromeda; thinking of you... https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210908.html I was looking at all your blog posts to chose where to post this and this one seems perfect for it; a nice reminder of nice moments (even in the rather bleak past). I hope very much the present is much kinder to you. Take care!
  6. Hi, Cherryberry, welcome! I'm sorry you've been experiencing these issues; it's dangerous and scary. It's good that you're already in therapy, even though it often takes a lot of time to heal. Yes, it's a long process, but you've already started and that's important. However, it seems you'd need also a more intensive help right now. These impulses to hurt yourself are dangerous; you can cause some permanent damage (probably mainly by concussion). Is there a possibility to get hospitalised? To have "a break from your life" in a safe environment, where they would prevent you from self-harm? I now it probably sounds bad, but wouldn't it be better than the current situation? In the meantime, do you live with someone or could someone move in with you to take care of you, keep you safe and keep you company? I hear you that you feel "like a disgusting human being", but I want you to know this feeling is only a symptom of an illness, not something that would correspond to reality. Your judgement about yourself, your triggers and all the behaviour are based on something that makes you perceive reality differently and can be cured. But to have enough time to be cured, you need to stay safe. That's why I would suggest hospitalisation. And if it's not possible, for some reason, then I hope you'll consult this with your therapist soon and you'll find an alternative. Feel free to open up and write more about your situation, feelings, fears, ... Unfortunately, this forum is rather quiet (there's not a lot of active members anymore, so you can find another one where replies are more quick and numerous - I can suggest a few, if you'd like), but I hope at least some of us will be here to "listen" and to support you. Take care and I wish you the best of luck!
  7. LaLa

    Wednesday 26th August

    I'm sure you didn't sing before eating it 😛, but "Coq au vin" reminded me of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIRSl9vcdnc This is the whole episode (of which that excerpt is the end), to put it in some context (but I highly recommend the whole TV series - it's on Netflix and it seems it can also by found on YT, but I'm not sure if all episodes)
  8. From a different YT channel (from about minute 5, there are many videos of "acts of kindness"):
  9. http://mylittlevillagers.com/2015/10/adhd-child-vs-non-adhd-child-interview/
  10. This is exactly what I cannot understand, all my life. It's so annoying when in so many situations (in which you don't even have to be - you can just accidentally read or hear about them and thus be reminded of it), you are supposed to plan or envisage your future! Like "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I don't even know if humanity will be here in a year, for instance...! Or, recently, in the context of personal finances: You have to save for the future and to chose the right way, you need to know what you're going to spend on the next 5 (even more) years! Haha! Really? So there is anyone who knows that they're not gonna loose their job soon or not have an incapacitating accident or illness??? Or that their family member won't have such an accident or illness, requiring all-day care and lots of money?? It enrages me, such BS from "financial advisers", because it only shows how ridiculously self-deceptive most people are and how impossible it is to do anything "good" for your future if you refuse to (nay: cannot!) be like them. Sorry for bringing such "pessimism" here, Vic. (._.') I'm glad to hear your good news (even though some after only a relatively long time - I haven't visited this site for a few weeks). And it's pleasant to see how you can find positive things / points of view in many situations. I can, too; I do appreciate all the good in the past and present, I just cannot think the future will be "OK". It might occasionally be, to some extent (but only if one doesn't take "the planet" into account, just one's little personal world), but there are many horrible things coming (we just yet don't know which in particular - untreatable illness? accident? death of a loved-one?, fire?, ...? many at once?) and any planning won't help to prevent them, which makes me... less trying "to do the right things" in some regards (= taking good care of myself, ...). Sorry...
  11. LaLa

    Wednesday 15th June

    @geronimo, why "slaving"??
  12. I'm sorry, Dave :( . In any case, no need for an excuse; it wasn't your fault at all.
  13. This is all pointless and potentially disturbing to some. I'm sorry people coming here to read something about the late prince see these topics here. I'm obviously not not advocating for genocide and I don't think you have "bad intentions" either, but we should stop going on.
  14. Have a look... There are many videos "of this kind" on that YT channel. For instance also this one, putting causes of death into perspective (I'm sure some will surprise you a lot (I just don't know which ones 😛 , in your case)):
  15. I'm glad for you. Have a nice, relaxing weekend!
  16. LaLa

    Wednesday 20th May.

    I was curious about the cake, so I googled it. Except for many of its traditional forms, I have also found his one and I'm sharing it as you're British : click here to see examples One of them, for instance: BTW:
  17. Hi, @Klingsor; good to see you back again! How are you doing? BTW, I noticed the quotation in your "signature". It's so funny in this context... (I mean you reacting to a topic "arguing about the wish to kill humanity", not mentioning anything about it in your post, but still having that quote underneath it.) BTW, I had no idea about those reptilians' "theories". I just knew about the existence of some "reptilian conspiracies", but never heard / read what they claim. (Well, not sure if knowing makes any difference...)
  18. Telling a dark joke (or comment, if you really cannot agree to call such comments "humor") couldn't be farer from "advocating genocide". He was known for his humour, sometimes unwelcome, and also for his caring about important causes - he wouldn't be so implicated if he really wanted "genocide"... I'm sorry for even "explaining" this and also for not doing it right (in a way that would give me more chance to be understood). I don't think "arguing" would lead somewhere. So I'm leaving this topic.
  19. It's the first. (Here, only a few people who got the 1st shot in December, already received the 2nd one. The gap is 16 weeks.) I don't feel anything (yet?), just (after several hours) a very mild pain when I touch the spot where it was injected. I usually react to vaccines (like the anti-flu) like this - almost no reaction. Don't worry, Vic; some people do get sick, but not seriously, as far as I know. And it's just a small %, so the probability to get even mildly sick now is much, much lower (after about 2 week after vaccination - even the 1st shot; the second is rather for a longer-lasting immunity).
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