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  1. This has been a great source of frustration for me. It's almost impossible to get a woman to do it for free. I have very specific needs when it comes to SPH. I don't like a lot of the stuff other guys seem to enjoy. I would need to find a woman I could see on a regular basis so I can teach her what I need but doing that with a paid service provider can be problematic. Plus I don't really have the money. Dommes are not ideal because they are used to using other fetishes along with the SPH and I'm not into any other fetish except maybe cuckold.
  2. That's another problem I have. I can't get erections and I have virtually no sexual experience and for a 62 year old guy I can't imagine what a woman would think once presented with these facts. Small penis that doesn't get hard and no experience. She's going to think "what the hell have I got myself into". It'll never happen though. My chance of ever having sex is gone now. I'm just waiting to die now so this hell can be over. I hate my life so much.
  3. Seems like TikTok has introduced the song Short Dick Man to a whole new generation of girls. There's other stuff on there too. Seems like ridiculing guys with small dicks is just as popular as ever. It's all in good "fun" of course. "guys when we tell you how useless and pathetic you are we're only joking"
  4. You're delusional dude. Trump is the weakest person I've ever come across. I don't want to hurt him. I just want him to go away. He makes me sick.
  5. Being born with a small penis is the worst thing that can happen to a man.
  6. I'm in a similar situation. I have virtually no social life at the best of times but the last few months have been even harder. The few times I actually got to be around people (3 or 4 hours a week usually) have gone and now I'm alone pretty much 24/7. With all that time to think about how much I hate my life it gets pretty depressing.
  7. That's really funny. If only it was true.
  8. It's difficult enough as it is to get women to respond on dating sites unless you're extremely good looking or have a high paying job. Telling them you have a small penis you might as well join a monastery. Besides I think most women would see any mention of penis size big or small as creepy.
  9. She said many times she wrote the song because a guy she was in a relationship with broke up with her. Can't imagine why he would do that. She wanted the world to know that he has a small dick. " I'm gonna tell the world your rubbish in bed now and that your small in the game"
  10. The last group I associated with was when I worked K Mart. I definitely had a bigger penis than any of the women in that group.
  11. Not really a relationship but my first girlfriend was dating a friend of mine until she got fed up with him and decided to break up with him and ask me to be her new boyfriend. I said yes even though I wasn't really into her that much. After a few weeks I decided to end it. She was so upset she decided to tell our friends that I had a small penis. Fortunately we didn't share many friends so it didn't have much of an impact. Anyway a short while later I found out from a weird source that the friend she was originally dating had an 8" penis. More than twice my size.
  12. Yep. I shared a bedroom with two brothers until we were in our early teens and I have no idea what size either of them are. I know my dad was well endowed only because my mom would talk about it with her friends.
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