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  1. I've been thinking about suicide for years, because of how pointless I feel life is especially my own. I don't know what happened but I can't feel emotions much anymore all I feel is like I want to cry sometimes and anger that's it. It's like I walk around like an empty shell all the time. I fake enthusiasm I fake being happy I fake caring. Nothing really moves me nothing interests me. Sometimes I wonder if I've lost my soul I and at times it's like I can't feel natural attraction or a connection with women. I've come to the conclusion that most people live to feel when you no longer can what'
  2. I've pretty much given up the idea of trying to have sex with women as I'll probably never get over how I feel about my penis size. I just can't imagine women really getting much satisfaction from it.
  3. I'm not sure if it's related but realizing I probably have a small penis has really ruined my confidence with women it's almost at the point where I can barely react to them anymore. There is this woman at work who I thought liked me we flirted sometimes she is on the chubby side, but after a while it stopped as I realized I probably couldn't satisfy her. Sometimes I feel angry when she's around and other women as I feel my dick wouldn't be big enough. Now it seems I'm becoming less nice and more angry then before. Can anyone relate? Sometimes I feel I can't love women anymore because I'm not
  4. Yep not Alpha either another reason I lack any confidence.
  5. Lol I can't stop measuring my penis it's a big obsession with me the main issue I have is I can't get it fully hard most of the time due to jelqing incorrectly years ago. It's damaged basically. Best erection standing is 6 inches NBP maybe 6.5 inches when fully erect as if half an inch really makes much of a difference anyway/ Erect girth 5 inches perhaps. Some would consider 6 inches somewhat big but all I feel when I look down at my cock is how pathetic and small it looks.
  6. I didn't come here to troll far from it in fact I would say I definitely suffer from SPS . My penis is average in terms of length and girth in my mind average = tiny penis. Seems like my girth isn't as thick as I thought yes its almost as wide as a remote control but the tape measure says 5 inches thick or just a bit over. I've lost any confidence I've had when it comes to women now or even just the thought of losing my virginity to an escort. I also feel women can now pick up on the fact I'm lacking because apparently I'm not as "nice" as I used to be. By way Nimmo I get why you would
  7. I don't get the vibe that many who post here are Alpha male types.
  8. This is a big obsession I keep comparing my size whether laying down, sitting or standing erect penis size varies a lot which lowers my self esteem if I measure lying down or sitting I'm barely hitting 5 inches but when standing I'm 6 inches. I start from the 0 mark on the ruler non bone pressed so I don't try to cheat when measuring like a lot of men do but how do you measure correctly without adding extra length?
  9. Hi guys I haven't posted here for a while but i've lurked here for years and feel the pain of having a small dick it bothers me on a daily bases. The main issue I have is my penis looks so tiny whatever angle I look at it I constantly measure it to see how big it is my honest measurement when standing up is around 6 inches which average my eg is 6 inches as well which is considered big I'd say it's almost the same width of a standard remote control. So at least I have good girth provided I measure correctly, tape measure says 6 inches I feel it can't be right it looks really thin.The only time
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