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  1. i am actually not feeling as angry towards women as i was when i first posted this. i was very pissed off that day and needed to vent on here. i still have some anger towards women but it's not as extreme as i made it sound in my original post. but i will continue to not watch porn anymore for my own sanity.
  2. at this point in my life i really don't see any reason not to. they hate men like me, all of them hate men like me. so i don't have any choice but to hate them back. i now embrace them avoiding me. i want them to keep avoiding me. i'm against the female gender. i hate the female gender. i can't stand the female gender. women are not kind people. women are straight up bitches. another thing i don't like about women is they have periods, which is very disgusting and nasty. they have bloody stanky hole pussies. it's ridiculous how they have periods certain times of the month and have nasty attitudes. they're just fucked up people and i don't understand them. i don't care to understand them because they don't understand men. i don't like the chase of a woman or pursuing them. i don't like them at all because females aren't attracted to me. so why should i give a fuck about people who don't care about me? i don't trust them and they're all the fucking same. no, i do not want to hurt them physically, nor am i turning gay.. i just want them to continue to stay the fuck away from me. i deleted all the porn on my computer because it involves women. women are sick ass fucks. to call women sick ass fucks is an insult to sick ass fucks.
  3. i am sure it is but i am sadly a 26 year old virgin. i will never ever watch any kind of porn again for my own sanity. i get extremely jealous seeing other guys sex. especially if their dick is big.
  4. not professional porn films, amateur/home made ones. the videos i watched were just regular everyday people fucking. not paid porn stars.
  5. i recently started watching porn again after many months of stopping(big mistake)and i have come to the conclusion that there is no way the average dick is only 5 something inches. i am 5.3 inches and about 99 percent of the amateur/home made porn videos i watched nearly all of the men were bigger than me. most looked to be about 6.5 and up. i don't know if the camera makes them appear bigger than they're but the majority of them were obviously not in the 5 inch range. i think whoever came up with that bull shit put that out there so men wouldn't worry about our dick size so much. watching those videos just made me feel like the smallest man in the world.
  6. it aint my fault that i'm fucked up. it aint my fault that i dislike myself. it aint my fault that i feel that i'm very unattractive. i've lost almost 40 pounds and done everything i can do to better myself and it hasn't gotten me anywhere. i can't control my situation, i don't have any power over my life. i can't attract women because i'm too god damn ugly. i aint tall enough, i'm only 5'7. my face is fucked up, i'm deformed. i'm ugly as fuck. no matter how much weight i lose i will never be good looking because my bone structure aint sexy. i don't have high cheek bones. i don't have any european features.i don't have anything sexy about me. my dick aint big enough. i got bad hair. my nose is ugly. i'm a fat fuckin mistake. and people need to really look at themselves and stop telling someone it's possible to meet someone when it's not. i only had one woman in my life that showed me interest and she was 300 pounds. and to me that tells me that i'm ugly as fuck, i'm ugly as sin and there's nothing i can do about it. i'm just pretty much venting because i'm upset. i wish somebody would shoot me in my heart with a goddamn bow n arrow. i always fantasize about getting shot in my heart. my heart bursting open. i find it funny seeing blood splatter everywhere. that's the reason i watch hunting videos because i like seeing deer's get shot in their heart because that's what i want to happen to me. i don't value my life, life is not precious life is horrible. people always say life is precious, no it's not. life is a fuckin curse. it's a curse if you hate your life and who you are. i don't like myself, nothing about me i find attractive. i'm ugly, a loser, reject, a failure, outcast, a fat loser. i'm a pussy ass ni99a, i'm a bitch ass ni99a, a cunt motherfucka and i fuckin hate black women and everybody in this whole god damn world. i wish they had a human dog pound i could go to and euthanize my pathetic ass. i hate this life, i hate being black i'm an animal.i'm a worthless piece of shit and a scumbag. i can't meet anyone because i'm ugly as fuck, i'm ugly as sin. all the women on the lipstick alley website said i was ugly and deformed. everybody thinks i'm ugly, i aint nobodies type. nobody finds me attractive. aint no broads checking for me. don't no broads want my ole ugly ass dick. i got a ugly ass dick that nobody wants. i'm a ugly dick ass mothafucka, and i'm a ugly ass mothafuckin dick. so pretty much this is my rant and i'm out.
  7. i just deleted all the porn on my computer that has men in it. i only kept the videos that show women solo or lesbian porn. when i look at porn that has a man and woman i get jealous. especially if it's amateur and the guy has a bigger dick then me. if i see some cute chick giving some guy head or getting fucked, i get jealous. it doesn't even turn me on, it just makes me feel even worse. it's gotten to the point that i can't stand to see another man's dick because 9 times out of 10 it will be bigger then mines. i don't care if it isn't bigger or not at this point. i get jealous seeing other guys get pleasure from females that i want. it pisses me off too much to watch it. whether it's amateur or professional. i start wishing i was that guy being sexual with that girl. it just seems so pointless to me now to jack off watching another guy get pleasure from a woman i can't have. i am 5.2 inches and it's skinny. my girth is even worse in my opinion. also my dick is ugly. i have a very ugly dick that no female would want. i'm a 26 year old virgin with a ugly dick. by the way i'm not new here, i just haven't logged on my account in so long i can't remember what email address or none of my info.
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