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  1. It is all so OTT, each country has a different culture and living arrangements, not all like Italy, there must be another way. Make more ventilators like now and protect the vulnerable, test etc etc etc. Fine the beach party goers on the spot.
  2. Astounding pic and I have seen the same in the nearest city to me. Difficult to keep calm in that sort of atmosphere.
  3. I wonder why that would be? @Klingsor the experts may be able to use that information to find out what the extra protection is that women may have, who knows, it may help with a vax or at the very least it's important to know when health/keyworker staff get rostered. This may be one situation where men need extra shielding and safety gear.
  4. And I thought it was cos you liked Star Trek with a twist...
  5. I'll look it up - you feel like spitting fire? Do you think you could spit it in the direction of Covid -19? I'll throw some soap after...
  6. @Klingsor, what is your avatar pic, what happened to the bunny???
  7. Can you believe there has been panic buying of fruit and veg in some stores so the shelves were empty - how the heck can someone stockpile that? It's nuts. I think the media should be spending even more time being completely practical about what can be done by people to help each other and encouraging them to do it, giving initiatives as much coverage as possible too. Yeah, the world needs its boffins KS 😉
  8. At least they are analysing all the figures and seeing which countries' techniques can work to help delay it to give time for the boffins. Big forum wide hugs.
  9. I read a report from Imperial College London that a strategy may be a number of weeks of 'lockdown', followed by assessments with loads of testing to see if the measures could be relaxed for a bit, then maybe another lockdown etc. I suppose they don't know for sure there will be waves of it. It's all shocking, isn't it?
  10. Yup. Looks like schools here will close by the end of the week too. Keyworkers' children will still be in school. It is going to be very different for a while.
  11. Yes, thanks to IJ 🍎 Hopefully people will get creative and adapt fast business wise as much as possible too.
  12. The approach has turned from "mitigate" to "suppress" as much as possible and anyone classed as vulnerable to self isolate for 12 weeks. Also some financial help for businesses. It is going to be an enormous challenge to get organised overall too. The panic buying is not helping and is pointlessly focused on particular goods, the stockpilers would soon run out of some other item anyway. Yes, a lot of uncertainty. Maybe you'll end up with UBI as a policy by the back door as a result of all this, who knows?!
  13. Bit of a big U Turn in policy here, much more strict measures announced today which will hopefully better protect the vulnerable and support business too.
  14. Just laughing 😄 A fast track think outside the box is a win-win proactive mindset, value-added to empower hardball total quality leverage 🤩
  15. @Klingsor The bottom line best practice knowledge base will empower synergy 😎 Your turn 😀
  16. Sports are off but not all public events, there are some countries like Spain with warnings issued for people not to visit unless it is essential. Yes, there is the whole economic side too. Hmmm.
  17. Well, for starters, reading about over 200 science specialists writing to the government to say it is not taking tough enough action. Also the unpredictability. Also thinking about relatives, underlying conditions etc. The figures are showing the vast majority will be ok - it doesn't help much somehow, as some people will not be ok.
  18. The more I read about the situation, the more concerned I get. Yeah, hello to @LaLa and also to any forumers who are worried right now.
  19. Thanks Vic, you too. Hope you feel better soon. There are actually figures published showing how many cases are in each county in the country, only a handful reported where I am as yet. There is a plan which is to delay the 'spike' of cases as long as possible, until the main flu season is over, so the NHS has a chance to cope. I know Dave put 'bionic' plague, I sincerely hope it is not 😮 ☚ī¸
  20. "Disputatious" - what a great word that is.
  21. @Klingsor , from what I have read the main symptoms are a fever and coughing, rather than any sniffles. It is different to flu. Most people who are unfortunate enough to get it will have mild symptoms though. Yes, it is obviously very contagious and hangs around on all sorts of surfaces too. You should write a blog, could be cathartic? Theoretical rambles....😉
  22. jazz

    The Man Cave

    Well Klingsor that pic blows my tiny cake emoji out of the water đŸĨ‚ haha
  23. Just wanted to share a link from a leading Research Professor who has done a lot of work on this sort of area and written some books about it too, if you think reading about how to deal with it all could help or maybe provide a few ideas - his latest research is using virtual reality scenarios. https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/team/daniel-freeman https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00127-014-0928-7#page-1 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3L4NFK4lBTNdzjml9LSnPwz/these-things-shall-pass-delusions-and-how-to-survive-them "Delusions tend to develop at times of stress, which activates genetic and environmental risk factors. Those factors can include experience of trauma; sleeplessness; isolation; and drug use. Certain ways of thinking also contribute: thinking negatively about the self; worrying excessively; jumping to conclusions; and only picking up on the things that seem to confirm our beliefs." Lack of sleep and stress can be big difficulties.
  24. jazz

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    Happy Birthday 🎂
  25. jazz

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    That's why I would run fast away from Buddhism, New Age and Islam...👟 👟
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