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    Anyone here process iCloud removal ?
  2. Living in hell all because I tore off my flesh responsible for growth that was attached to my genetalia at age 12. I never got to grow out my genetalia .when trying to walk home from school I could feel my body shifting internally an externally my clothes felt uncomfortable I couldn't move around much at school because I'd sweat too much . I remember I could run really fast but I got sluggish this was not supposed to happen me ! I tried to kick the soccer ball really hard but my strength was cut off completely from me at my pelvis no energy could be transferred to my foot . Something had went
  3. Same here . There's no way out only time ending like a clocks battery dieing . I'm not welcome anywhere I go . Getting a job is difficult because deformity is not welcome in my country. Upon observation I fail the penis inspection test of acceptance to society . And I can clearly see that I'm not welcome around my family . So I spend majority of my time hiding. I can't even put food on the table 😢 !
  4. Yeah that's what he has even curves to the side . i'd say the neighbor 18 yr old was about 8 " I remember like it was yesterday
  5. I masterbated too much and the attachment started coming off . This part is attached to the head of the penis clearly visible to the eye . It's responsible for the growth. The attachment at the back came of when I had sex with a girl one time . if u look at your finger nail an imagine the forskin over it .the nail would be the important part that I took off too early and finger the penis . it weakend me I couldn't kick a football from the goal to the other half of the field. When my aunt found out a wasn't developing she made sure her son never masterbated by being there for him when he shower
  6. I was the one who ripped off the important part of my penis too early when I was a kid . that's what I did wrong early in life . I shouldn't of been thinking about sex. What triggered this was seeing it on TV . I remember when my neighbors 18 yr old son had brought down my pants when I was 5 yrs old and wanted to put his penis where it didn't belong :'( I remember clearly talking a walk to the hospital when I was 13 and had asked the doctor for a way to end my life because I knew I had destroyed the development of penis.
  7. Where do I go from here now ? When I look back in the past . Everything that went wrong I can't change. I can't blame God for my mistake when I was a child . I wasn't conscious . Wisdom came too late . It's difficult to ignore being ridicule and rejected ( scorned ) by both male and female . This isn't what I had planned . I can't Tuck in my shirt .I barely can find a pants to wear because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Trapped because of my deformity . being laughed at on bus by the crowd of people and everywhere I go I can't co-op with life much more !! What choice do I have when clearl
  8. Why do you blame God ? We can't be angry with God .
  9. We all start off with a small penis . having patience and staying away from masturbation is the key to make it through the development stage something I didn't know back then :'(
  10. I admit that being inside a girl is v#$%& is amazing .
  11. Was I the one who caused this downfall in my life ? Out of 99.9 % of the community I was the only one who went wrong ? In the end it was my fault :'( All I need was discipline and self-control but I wasn't conscious of what the end result would bring . I remember being ask if I am a boy or a girl and others asking one another what am I ? Not being developed has its huge downfall the laughter and ridicule on a daily basis . Rejection from the others is clearly visible. Finding clothes to hide the deformity is impossible. :'( How do I smile through it all ? :'( I can't change the past its a
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