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  1. This is a very significant survey because there are many really positive conclusions we can draw from it. The 20% of the women that admitted some time in the past she broke up with a man because his penis was too small was not the main reason for the break-up. On another video talking about the results of his survey, Alex said that women were unanimous in explaining that a man so insecure, obsessed, and constantly worrying about having a small penis is an impossible man to date. They said the overriding factor for breaking up with him was not because it was small but because he was an impossible human to deal with. So, it comes down to a man's attitude and confidence. As Alex said in the end, women want more than anything that a guy is not so wrapped up in his penis but is more focused on her and just enjoying being with her and getting pleasure from her. Even though 35% of the women said that penis size didn't matter to them at all is a minority, it is a very sizable minority (1 in 3 women). Also, if a man is between 4 and 5 inches, which is considered below average, since 60% of the women said that it is too small when it is under 4 inches while 10% said too small doesn't matter to them at all, that means at least 70% of the women (7 out of 10) would have no problem being with a man with a 4-5 inch penis. Also, even if you're a man below 4 inches or have a micropenis, still, 10% of the women (1 in 10) just wouldn't care how small it is. For those guys who are worried about encountering women who are size queens that make a guy having a large penis their number one priority, they are a very small minority of women. According to Alex's data, only less than 5% of women. So, size queens do exist but they're rare. Finally, the answer to the age old question "Does penis size matter to women" is somewhat complicated. In another video where Alex talks about the results to his survey, he learned, although the majority of the women said size matters, it hardly matters at all. Every single emotional, mental, physical, and personality trait was way more important than penis size for the majority of the women. So, although penis size may matter to them, it is at the bottom of a list of qualities that women are looking for in a man.
  2. Yes, if you click on the link, Alex explains how this survey was conducted along with the video presentation. These 2,000 women, which were his loyal readers, filled out the questionaire but stayed strictly anonymous. There is a lot of positive information to take from these results.
  3. Alex Allman is a sex and relationship expert. He has thousands of regular male and female readers and is very well-respected in his field. He has written books, regular newsletters, and made many videos on these subjects. Alex is very honest and is dedicated to delivering the truth to everyone. A few years ago, he conducted a massive survey study on women's thoughts and attitudes towards penis size. He wanted to know whether size really matters to women and how much. This is the best, most accurate, conclusive, definitive, survey that has ever been done on this subject. Alex has the best data you just can't find anywhere else. What makes this so? First, over 2,000 women were surveyed. Nobody else has ever used such a large sample size. Second, he didn't just ask a yes or no as to whether or not size matters. He asked many specific, thorough, in-depth questions that no other survey has ever done before. I would encourage all men that have some penis size insecurities and all women that are curious about this very sensitive topic to please watch Alex Allman's excellent presentation video of the results of his excellent researched survey. I will provide the link below. It's about 9 minutes long. In the meantime, I will reveal many of the highlights: Does penis size matter? 65% of the women answered yes. Only 5% of the women that answered yes said it was a critical factor. The rest said it didn't matter at all. 20% of the women said some time in the past they had broken up with a man because his penis was too small. 17% of the women said some time in the past they had broken up with a man because his penis was too big. From the 65% of the women that said yes to penis size mattering, Alex wanted to know how important penis size was to them when compared to other personality and physical traits. He listed a total of 15 different factors and asked those women to rank them in order of importance. The results were that penis size came in dead last and was the least important to women when compared to all other factors/attributes. 60% of the women said too small was anything under 4 inches while 10% said it didn't matter at all. 50% of the women said anything over 8 inches was too big while 15% said it didn't matter at all. Only 2% of the women said there is no such thing as too big. The most popular penis size preference for women is 6 inches. The majority of the women said width is more important than length. Half of the women said good oral and finger skills can make up for a small penis. 80% of the women said they don't care what a man's penis looks like when it's flaccid (soft). 95% of the women said that hardness of the penis is more important than any particular size. 90% of the women said that a man lasting longer is more important than any particular size. To find out more, here is the link: https://www.revolutionarysex.com/the-motion-in-the-ocean-women-tell-the-truth-about-penis-size
  4. Not a myth. I have found male virgins on the internet that are older than me that I talk to on facebook. It really is a long story that started from high school and continued through my adult years. I've always had low self-esteem and penis size insecurities. That combination made me scared to get close to a woman for fear of rejection. Since I am very emotionally fragile, the idea of being rejected by a woman because of my penis size would devastate me so much that I probably would've become suicidal and would not be alive today. So, I played it safe and took no risks with women.
  5. Dear IrmaJean, On page 13 of this thread, you expressed your own personal feelings when it comes to the significance of penis size and what love, sex, and relationships mean to you. I just wanted to say your writing is the most beautiful I've ever read on the subject. You have great priorities and understand what truly matters and what's important in life. It totally touched my heart and I had tears of joy when I read it. I wish every woman on the planet could read what you wrote. Most importantly, I wish the majority of women felt the same way you do. If that were the case, men would have no reason to have penis size insecurities and I would not be a 54-year-old virgin that never had a girlfriend. Your husband has got to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth for having such a wonderful woman in his life. Thank you for your thoughts and feelings, and especially, for being you.
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