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  1. I read that W. Virginia is raffling guns and pickups to incentive the vaccinations. They certainly know the demographic, my state has discussed something similar. I would love to perform an experiment, maybe enlist some help to do it...knowing how easy it is to start the stupidest shit trending on social media, especially facebook, I’d like to start a story going that men who’ve had the vaccination are experiencing penis growth and testosterone increases. Can you imagine? The military would have to begin escorting the shipments because they’d be hijacking freight trucks to get it and sel
  2. Hi Lala, I’m still around...drifting aimlessly. I had forgotten my signature, ha. Yes he was known for making off color comments, but I remember he once jokingly insulted a wounded soldier when he was at a field hospital or something and the soldier reportedly loved it. Many people aren’t sensitive like me and actually like getting comments like that. I thought it was part of the male bonding experience, rapid fire insults. RIP Duke.
  3. David Ike also has a well-researched, thoroughly documented publication about the British royals being reptiles and that’s why they killed diana because she saw HMQE2 shape shifting once in the Buckingham kitchens and you can even watch youtube videos reportedly showing the phenomena because JFK was assassinated by the CIA reptilians so that the illuminati could perform a magic circle on the moon even though we never went ton the moon and usher in the age of aquarius and save the children from greedy oil barons who invaded Iraq because America is an imperialist neo-colonialist woke shithole he
  4. @geronimo Thanks for info, I’m limited to what I read on the internet....people that I’ve asked in person, some of whom know people who have received the vaccine, seem to be in agreement that any illness from it comes from the booster injection, the second dose. My mother works in a place where they are eligible to get the first rounds of vaccinations, but she’s over 60 and has hypertension. I’m worried for her sake and because she’s the only family I have left. Hope your mother turns out ok with it, perhaps you could give an update after her injection? Thanks for the reply, take care.
  5. Does anyone have advice on whether to get the moderna or Pfizer vaccine? P.S. I’m asking because of my mother who is required to take the vaccine and I’m worried about her getting it...don’t worry it’s not for me, so feel free to offer advice since it’s not going to go toward prolonging my life...I know several here will rejoice when I finally croak.
  6. Other than not being a sports fan, I honestly don't know how I never came across this. This story is pure gold and condenses everything I've tried to say all these years that a bbs (intentionally) disperses in a thousand different directions...the irony is also rich in that it was YouTube's psychological torture algorithm which led me to it. There is a sports blog called "Barstool Sports" which bills itself as "By the Common Man, For the Common Man". They have a YouTube channel called Barstool Shorts that has been described as a "virtual frat house". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barstoo
  7. I’ve not had any problems logging in and it looks as though the security issue was corrected. However, I cannot “@“ anyone. I’m sorry this site is such a headache for whomever manages it.
  8. I think this board has undergone some changes. With regard to everything else my name is imgone because I am completely tired and worn out. If there was any feasible method of euthanasia in US I would take it. Too much of a coward (aka pussy in men’s language) to just shoot myself in the head.
  9. One thing I will say modern psychology has got 1000% correct is that - at least if you are not a religious person - you better learn to love yourself for pure survival’s sake because you sure as fuck cannot trust, engage, or depend on any other human being ever giving a genuine shit about anyone or anything except their own ego, with the extremely rare exception of a very close family member.
  10. Can you explain this? Do you mean self-deprecating? I have used that type of humor as an ice breaker and I think it’s good for that, but when does having a sense of humor about yourself turn into being the punchline for everyone’s jokes? I thought the entire corpus of modern psychology and self help was about throwing off the shackles of total depravity and embracing oneself, failures and all? But at what point do you tell people to go fuck themselves for making you the target of mockery? To not do so would seem to be a form of submitting to the idea that you are worthless, and I thought that
  11. https://thepsychologygroup.com/toxic-positivity/ 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
  12. Yep, shrimp, you’re absolutely right. I misinterpreted the article, how could anyone be so stupid. I stand corrected. Thank you.
  13. Probably copycats. If not, I can’t wait to see who’s responsible...anyone capable of creating such an exhilarating mystery must be physically attractive and have that sexy “chill” factor going plus loads of BDE. Can’t wait! 🤤
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