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  1. Thank you so much for replying, it means a lot I haven't actually read anything on attachment no but I might look into it! My boyfriend and I have discussed lots of ways to keep me going between our visits to see each other - we don't speak much unfortunately but we do try out best to keep in contact, and little messages from him can make the world of a difference to how I'm feeling on a specific day. It just so happens that he might be coming to visit on Thursday for a few days so if that happens, we can speak more about it face to face which will definitely be easier! I've recently found a post on Tumblr that has links to around 40-50 websites that help with anxiety, mainly calming techniques etc, so I will start using these when I begin to feel out of control and hopefully they will make a difference. In terms of hobbies, I'm quite a creative person so drawing, or playing instruments can be an outlet for me but lately a lot of these things have just held no interest to me I have started reading again though, I do it before I go to bed, because as I said nighttime is when I struggle most with all of these feelings, so having something to distract me around that time is helpful. Thank you so much for your suggestions and your help, I really appreciate it
  2. Hi, This is my first post ever to a forum like this ... kinda nervous! I have discovered in the past 2 months that I am suffering quite badly from anxiety ... but the past few weeks it has gotten increasingly worse. I'm 19 y/o and female. The circumstances that have made it worse are these - I live with my boyfriend at uni, but I am home for summer now and I don't handle being away from him so well, I spent almost every day of the past year with him, and having to suddenly have that taken away is really hard for me, especially when our communication is limited due to the business of his life at home (he lives a 3 hour train journey away) - I'm constantly paranoid that he is becoming less interested in me, which I know isn't true! But this paranoia is something that I have found to come along with my anxiety. I feel that it may be putting stress on our relationship, and yes we've discussed it and we've set some ground rules to help us, but I'm the kind of person who feels like I always mess things up, and this is the one thing I do not want to mess up as I feel it's the only thing I have right now (and it's kind of a perfect thing). Most days are bad ... especially at nighttime, I don't have many friends, in fact I only have 2 including my boyfriend - therefore I feel bad constantly telling them about all of this... This is quite a long post and I didn't expect it to be so I'm just gonna sum up how I feel right now; I feel a heaviness in my chest yet an emptiness at the same time, I'm constantly worried about one thing or another, I feel sick quite a lot of the time, I cry myself to sleep most nights and I just feel bad about myself ... I should also probably add that I suffer from OCD, which I feel definitely doesn't help my anxiety ... I'm planning to go to a doctor once I get back to uni but that's not for another month, so I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to help and give me ways to cope with this until that point? Thank you
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