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  1. my housemate pointed out I've been using escapism instead of dealing with issues and I realised I don't actually have any way of dealing with my issues, when I feel sad I go out looking for cats and they make me feel better, but I havent solved anything. Dose anyone one know how to deal with loss, or lonliness, or hopelessness or other symptoms of depression? I really need better ways to tackle this. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get better, I can't face living in a world like that.
  2. update: I have finally been put on medication that works, I am in a better place in my mental health and I did break up with that guy, we are still friends. It's nice to know that you can move on and grow even after being so damaged.
  3. Thankyou for the suggestion. I have found some.
  4. What sort of groups were you thinking? It's more. He's not very good at emotional support and his personailty is different now. We shall see.
  5. I tried group therapy once, it didn't go anywhere. I wish it were that easy to find friends but I never seem to be able to meet other people like me. I bump into them now and again but never manage to make friends.
  6. I don't judge myself but it's hard to be me when I have noone who will encourage me to be myself. I get talked over alot. I don't really have anything to nurture me. The doctor dose but they all focus largely on CBT. Whats a crisis center?
  7. Hi, I exist. I also have anxiety and severe depression. So I guess we'll get to know eachother over time.
  8. what do you do when noone cares and people don't ask you how you've been in weeks or months? what do you do when there is no point anymore and you can't be happy anymore? Where do you go when you've got nowhere to run to and all the people around you don't really let you be who you are because they arn't as strange as you and seem to judge you? What do you do when you've lost those you care about the most and you know you're going to hurt someone because you don't love him anymore but he loves you. Where do you go when all you know is everytime you try it fails and nothing good ever las
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