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  1. Art is a bit refuge for me. I also love digital art and I paint wolves quite a bit!~
  2. Not too many questions at all! I don't know about all that, you could be right though! I personally am scared of breaking the rules and making people angry rather than being perceived as inadequate. But now that I have it mostly down? I'm all good. It's just that initial interaction that I'm afraid of. I have no problem talking about myself openly (in fact I do it too much sometimes) and doing as I please, within reason. I definitely am in a depressive phase right now, I haven't had a manic phase in weeks thanks to the meds. The depression isn't particularly bad this time around though. And my treatment is going well, I just switched to a new therapist, not for a a bad reason, but because my new therapist knows better how to support lgbt individuals. My old therapist was a doll and super professional. Some of my meds are losing their potency I believe, as my psychotic symptoms are popping up again. I have family support and a couple online friends that help a lot. The reason I joined the forum is because those people cannot understand as well as others that are going through the same thing I am. feel free to shoot more questions at me, I love discussions!!
  3. I tend to jump from romantic relationship to relationship, I get bored easily even if I do care for the person. Friendships are online and require little effort so they're sustainable... But all throughout middle and high school I struggled with irl friends because of anxiety and also the effort required to put in was overwhelming. As for the sensory issues, yeah it's overwhelming and causes meltdowns even now at 17. Granted I can control them sort of until I get home but then I break down. My home is calm, but so dirty I'm constantly overwhelmed.. So sort of, on your second question.
  4. Didn't even think of that Thanks for the pointer!
  5. I see my pdoc next week. I'm undiagnosed currently but I highly suspect ADHD. SO I hope no one minds if I throw out a few symptoms and happenings, and you guys can give me your thoughts. * I realize no one here can diagnose me, that's not what I'm asking for. I'm asking if anyone who IS diagnosed can relate/thinks ADHD is likely (I will not take that as a diagnosis) I forget things constantly. It's like I can't keep a hold of my memories. They slip away.. And small stuff too. For example, today I forgot 3 times that a friend of mine had responded to my text, and wondered each time why I hadn't heard from them I LOSE things constantly, according to my father. Especially my tablet pen, but that's an artist thing I cannot, I repeat, cannot focus on things that do not vividly interest me. Art has been the only thing I keep coming back to my whole life If it requires mental effort, I"m out. I used to LOVE reading when I was young (probs 5-10) and then it just stopped... don't even get me started on school work. I dropped out of high school a couple weeks ago (But I'm gonna do some tutor work) because I just COULDN'T I'm not hyperactive at all, the only symptom I have is restlessness which is probably related but that's it -- I'm thinking inattentive I hyperfixate/focus on things, the most random things. Right now it's angels, drugs, and getting a diagnosis (Seriously? Ikr, the thing that's causing the fixation is what I'm fixated on) And the biggest pain in my a** is when I get overstimulated so easily??? Like I cried in the middle of a walmart because the lights and noise and people were all too much I tried to keep all of that short (I failed) because for me, reading/focusing on huge walls of text is challenging, and I know other people with ADHD complain about that as well in the mental health communities I've been in.
  6. @LaLa @IrmaJean Thank you both! I hope it's okay to (@) people/like their posts. I'm always open to correction! Have a good day/night.
  7. Hey! You can call me star (or angel, if that's easier to remember because of my user. I'm just a mentally ill teenager seeking out some community. I've been prof diagnosed with Bipolar 1, and GAD. I've been suspecting ADHD for a while now, and will be seeing my pdoc next week to ask for testing/a diagnosis. I love art, and having a sense of community when I need it the most. So I hope I can get to know you guys, and help out when I can! (Sorry if this isn't okay in any way, I'm not very tactical when it comes to new sites.)
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