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  1. Nope. You didn't explain it. Prince Philip was an extreme environmentalist along with his son Prince Charles. The extreme environmentalist literature is full of genocidal ideas to save the planet. Nothing to respect about such thinking. You do know that Malthus advocated genocide? Malthus has been a staple of the Brit ruling class for a very long time as has been eugenics. Stay in LaLa land, I guess.
  2. Reviewing stupid extremism does nothing to deny that Prince Philip was a Malthusian advocating depopulation.
  3. Tremendous efforts for insignificant gains above. "Centimeters?" Eventually, they may figure-out how to do it, though. Unfortunately, penile tissues are quite complicated. The mesh of connective tissue is the problem. Elasticity of said tissues vary a lot from person to person, too. It is the only solution, however. We can learn to live with a abnormally small penis, but it is a real handicap. Their is a lot of fraud out there and injuries, too! Be careful!
  4. People who advocate genocide for real should be hated. He said it decades ago, but no doubt would have excused himself claiming he was just making a point about the effect of population on global warming and the environment. Yeah, obviously, he can't really come back as a virus.
  5. I agree, but dogs don't live long enough. I'm still grieving the loss of one now. I guess I do have mental health issues, but am not receiving treatment at this time.
  6. He was a Malthusian environmental extremist, though. At one point he said he like to come back as a deadly virus to cull the world population.
  7. I hear you. I'm not quite micro, but I've had the same problems with therapists. The problem upsets people because they know how difficult an affliction it is, but don't want to deal with it.
  8. Mine actually retracts completely inside my body at times, especially when doing hard work or when anxious. . .not ideal for gang showers!
  9. True, physically satisfy, but not necessarily psychologically. Larger dicked guys have higher perceived status among both men and women. Probably instinctual.
  10. Not a theory it is science. The most reliable studies say 5.12 is average. But it is true that the more active men are larger as they are more confident, especially these days since porn has skewed everyone's perceptions!
  11. Wayless

    Why Are We Here?

    What do you think was the cause of activity decline? Problems or issues resolved? Or, at least explored as far a possible. I know I don't feel the need to discuss my sps issues much any longer as people have helped me look at it from all angles and it is more or less stable. Wouldn't say I was cured, though. I think people are more "stuck" in major social media sites now and less likely to google about for a site like this.
  12. Wayless

    Why Are We Here?

    You can use mewe on line too, though. I don't like to hand-out my phone number which is required for apps.
  13. Wayless

    Why Are We Here?

    Then, there is the issue that nothing on the internet is actually anonymous. Court orders and spies can expose anyone. So, anyone who might get tangled in litigation or become high profile for any reason, must beware.
  14. Wayless

    Why Are We Here?

    Seems there are few places in social media where you can be honest and discuss your problems. Most social media seems to me to be just another "competitive arena". Part of the problem is that, more and more, anonymous participation is being pushed out for "security" and "political" reasons. Most of us wouldn't want to discuss mental health issues on FaceBook, where anonymous participation isn't permitted, in front of everyone we know in our work and personal life. So, I would think there would be great demand for this site. But, I guess realizing that demand would require promotio
  15. I think Hank Aaron who died 18 days after taking the vaccine took the Moderna. Check for yourself, however. Moderate to severe reactions are common for both, though, I do believe: Reactions Hank Aaron
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