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  1. Robert Kennedy Jr vs Alan Dershowitz Debate
  2. Probably not mandatory, but you won't be allowed in work places, public transportation, concerts, etc. without it.
  3. Deaths in Norway from Vaccine?
  4. Obviously, the Queen and Prince Philip would engage in any publicity stunt if they were convinced by experts it was for the public good. If any people could avoid social contact systematically, it would be them. Clearly, avoiding the virus would be the safest course for them. We'll never know if they actually got the vaccine nor which one. They probably own stock in Big Pharma, too, possibly controlling interests! It was not for nothing that after the the 1976 disaster that the vaccine industry was eventually relieved of its liability for death, paralysis and injury which continue at
  5. Scientists working for Big Pharma are not necessarily honest. Very big sums of money are involved. I have faith in science, but not scientists, especially if they have conflicts of interest due to salary, bribes, threats, pressure, etc. Everyone should listen to Robert Kennedy Jr's U-tube videos on vaccine safety. . .the science Big Pharma suppresses.
  6. Here's another point: Pfizor according to some things I read identified itself as a "gene therapy" company, not a vaccine manufacturer. Vaccine brings its product under the zero liability law for vaccines signed by Ronald Reagan. If I'm dubious about a program rushed at warp speed by Donald Trump and relieved of liability for damage by Ronald Reagan, why are more left-leaning folks showing no trepidation about an mRNA vaccine or gene therapy shot? Its not like there's never been vaccine disasters before. 1976 took the cake. Left complains about GMO food, but not GMO vaccines? Monsan
  7. I'm not anxious to test a "warp speed" approved vaccine! Especially one based on mRNA technology NEVER approved before. This, especially, when the death rate is so low COVID-19, approximately that of the flu. Being old, I am in a high risk group. But I am also in the high risk group for flu death and many other things including vaccinations!
  8. Nice for you to assume that burden. A unique site.
  9. The site will be totally destroyed unless this is addressed soon. No one has logged in for days and days except you and I! I know nothing about ownership of the site.
  10. People with security software like Norton are being warned NOT TO ENTER THE SITE because it is "insecure." I have Norton and it tries to prevent me twice every time I enter.
  11. Recall Stanley Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey. Monolith's, supposedly planted by "space aliens" somehow guide the evolution and destiny of humankind. Some people take that sort of thing seriously and think they can help guide humanity forward with such nonsense. So they plant congruent stuff to create a myth. . .
  12. In my experience people into "affirmations" and / or "positive thinking" tend to have no sense of humor about themselves as they are devoted to thinking only positive things about themselves. Humor is "too real" for them. . . . So, yes such people will be problematic in your life.
  13. Yeah, it must be instinctual. I remember when I attended a back yard "swim party" as a pre-schooler. Maybe the oldest kid was 6. I and others were as young as 4, many 5. I was told to go to the basement and where the boys changing into swim suits. They were comparing dicks, putting each other down instead getting their suits on promptly. The biggest, laughing, showed off his large hanging equipment while other gawked. Erections were not in evidence. I immediately realized I was way smaller than everyone I saw, almost threadlike and retracted. I said I have to go pee and s
  14. You must be kidding? Ever since Marco Rubio made an issue of Trump's hands, implying Trump has a small penis, everyone knows what his enemies are saying. Are we really to believe that the LEFT / RIGHT divide is about penis size? Right-wingers (conservatives) are compensating in politics for their small penises? All left-wingers are well-hung? Is that likely? I guess I'm an example, though! I'm a right-wing libertarian who thinks Trump, with his flaws, is better than the far LEFT socialism now engulfing the DEM Party. The reason I found this site is the small penis syndrome sec
  15. I've become convinced positive thinking makes a person very fragile. It is like walking a very very narrow path on a high mountain ridge inches from 1000s of feet of drop into a canyon. Your acceptable state of mind depends on careful control of your thoughts to "keep them positive," just like on a high ridge you must watch every step. I recently tried to live with my divorced daughter for my retirement and to help her with the kids. I learned she was seeing a psychologist who preached "affirmations" which I gather is a form of positive thinking. On the surface she seemed really happy
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