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  1. Didn't follow through on my last dumb post but after an experience today I can't take anymore I most likely won't be able to read and respond to replies from where I'm headed, so take care ya'll I hope you find the peace I never could
  2. If someone wanted to commit suicide, what would be the best drug to die the most painless way possible? Tried googling but just end up with a bunch of random shit that couldn't be easily obtained I guess I'll rephrase, what would be the easiest obtainable drug that would allow someone to die the most painless way possible
  3. Always planned to just up and vanish one day and I feel like today may be that day Can't deal with my thoughts anymore, not just about my penis but about life in general, I wasn't cut out for it Wish you all the best of luck with your lives, I'll find myself a nice spot in the woods to spend the rest of my days as few as they may be
  4. All depends on the type of girl you're going after, certain types of girl are more likely to give a fuck about your size as opposed to just your average every day girl
  5. My bone pressed is 6.2-6.5 inches but my non bone pressed is only 4.8 inches and my flaccid around 2.5NBP and 4.2 Bone pressed I am told countless times my dick is a normal size solely from my bone pressed but it's so easy to convince myself otherwise as obviously I'm unable to see like 1.7 inches of my dick, so in your eyes is bone pressed the only thing that really matters when you talk about how big your dick is? because when I talk about my dick being 6 inches I always have to specify bone pressed (or when I push my fat pad down) so people dont think im delusional lmao otherwise I'd feel like I'm cheating, or maybe im just overestimating how big everyone elses dick is and how much pubic fat everyone else has I'm rambling again I apologize if this post makes no sense
  6. Talked to him about how I feel about my size nd shit, getting it all out in the open helped a lot I feel, we showed each other our cocks when we were drunk once, his flaccid is around 4 inches NBP because I was 300lbs at the time mine was probably around 2 and I was explaining how weight effects size, what bone pressed is nd stuff to him, we just casually talk about it sometimes same as talking bout anything else Feel truly blessed to have a best mate I can talk about anything with
  7. Hard to think about him being a true friend sometimes cos I always just think he's silently judging me even though at the same time I know he genuinely doesn't care how big my dick is but my insecurities fuck with me, its not even that im necessarily unhappy with my size (6.3-6.5 bone pressed) im just jealous his is bigger and he doesn't have a big fat pad like I do (4.7 NBP) so his erections look a hell of a lot better than mine even though his bone pressed is only an inch bigger
  8. Yeah I love the lad to death I just wish I could stop feeling inferior all the time, really fucks me up
  9. My best mate who I speak to 12+ hours a day has a 7.5 inch (BP) dick, I know the feelings of inferiority all too well but thankfully he doesn't mention it or make out like he's better than me or anything but that doesn't mean I still don't feel that way about it so I guess I can kinda understand it I'm just thankful I haven't experienced it myself
  10. Confuses me why people at work care enough about someones dick size to ridicule them, seems questionable at best but people are just morons I guess
  11. Why do your friends care about the size of your penis? I know it's something we tell ourselves they do because we feel so shit about it but I never figured anyones friends would actually care, if they're not fucking you why do they care how big it is?
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