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  1. @VictimorthecrimeVictimorthecrime hi, thx for replying, I understand what you say, I know theres a lot of possibilities, but I don't want to be that sad and miserable guy, this affects a lot of aspects of my life and I am sick of that. I suppose what triggered it was the new kind of anxiety i felt when I started with my gf (she is my first ever partner) so I was a virgin till i met her, We enjoyed sex a lot it was pure passion and love, then I started to wonder why does she never orgasm so I did research and well you can find a lot of shit in the internet, but i tried new positions, new
  2. Hello everyone. Is hard to believe that im actually seeking help for my small penis syndrome, I am 6 inches lenght erect and 5 in girth. Some would say is not that bad, but whenever i look down I see i little shamefull penis. With the years it have not got better even its getting worse. Since I met my gf de anxiety has get much more unstopable, because now I wonder if she would enjoy more a bigger penis, if she would orgasm with a bigger penis, well all that kind of stuff that keep you awake at night. She tells me that I please her as no one has ever done. But i'm unable to believe t
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