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  1. My name is TheDane and I approve this message.
  2. the -cel culture hasn't really gained foothold in Europe as of yet to my understanding. it is coming however. as we know, American societal development is a precursor for what is going to happen here. there are also a lot of variables that makes the American society more inclined towards the phenomenon I think. popularity race, inequality in general social/economical, idealized sports culture in school. I have never considered the female orgasm during rape aspect. one last remark. being stated or mentioned on an incel-board doesn't necessarily make it true
  3. No it's just observation and logic. Men's rights activism and feminist activism are two halves of the same turd. In fact, meet the female counterpart to a typical redpill, MRA, MGTOW, alt-right, etc: dont agree. at least not where I am coming from. there is no mens (just give up the apostrophe 's already like the rest of us) activism.
  4. you are very clever klingsor(not being sarcastic .I'm serious here) the social experience of the century would be to have you enrolled in a university level sexology class along with a lot of 3rd wave feminists.
  5. stop the presses!!! are there gay orgies and meth in India? (asked the 1st world person)
  6. can I ask where you are from? country wise...
  7. it would be extremely rare for people with penises " like a flaccid penis on porns" to visit this place. there is good and bad news. The bad news is your penis is probably not going to grow bigger. the good news is that you could be far worse of with 5 inches
  8. be sure to be stressed, anxious and depressed..... sex wont matter a thing
  9. yes yes. we are a superior race..... specifically who were the nordics? were they all Swedes? it wasnt a study per se I referred to. just a bar diagram comparing European penis averages. swedes has slightly larger than Danes. the brutish Icelanders has the largest.
  10. although I agree with YOTH about playing the numbers game(i have done just that), and I only had to suffer one telling me off. I don't however agree with the telling them first part. why not let them decide...... in turn proving to themselves, and us, whether they are sluts and/or shallow cunts.
  11. luckily and maybe because of this , you have the very fitting word for these kinds of women..... cunts. I gather you are in the "reading stage" of SPS. like when you think you got cancer.
  12. well.... it could be much worse then. surprisingly England has relatively small penises compared to European standards(must be all the drinking 😛). and you are just below. the only thing you can do really is to throw yourself out there. combined with viagra you are sure to make 5 inches. I am from Denmark btw.
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