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  1. Daveuk

    Wednesday 14th April

    Rather new with cooking
  2. Sweet and sour stir fry Chicken and mushroom pie Mango and passion fruit pies https://postimg.cc/rzJ65wBj
  3. He had his own charity too called the Duke of Edinburgh awards
  4. Like always when a royal goes everything changes
  5. Has sadly passed away today at age 99
  6. Coffee cake, chicken,pork and apricot pie and Balncmange https://postimg.cc/cg0ZkCb5 https://postimg.cc/Ppj15g68
  7. Daveuk

    Wednesday 31st march

    With Cadbury creme eggs on top
  8. https://postimg.cc/py0t3W24 https://postimg.cc/68rbJcrq Double chocolate Easter cheesecake Easter pie Rocky road
  9. https://postimg.cc/G9YS24w1 https://postimg.cc/zVzMcq6Z https://postimg.cc/tYsdTfVn https://postimg.cc/hh5xHr3D Breaded crumbed battered fish Sausage rolls Chocolate cornflake Easter nests Chocolate Easter nest cake
  10. Fish Pie and currant and cherries cake https://postimg.cc/Whjv4zpV
  11. Apple and custard cake, orange and lemon pudding cakes and pizza https://postimg.cc/yD1tzzgg
  12. https://postimg.cc/tZ5YHFsF Bacon and egg.pie and brownies
  13. Chicken parmesan, lemon meringue pie and banana strawberry flip cake https://postimg.cc/cK8z8Qm0 https://postimg.cc/JtgBpZ39
  14. Mince and dumplings https://postimg.cc/MMyqNxBB
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