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  1. Daveuk

    God Vs king

    No not biblical. But the match between Godzilla and king kong which will be happening this year
  2. Spinach, chicken and mushroom lasagna Chocolate chip muffins Blackberry and raspberry tart
  3. The vaccine has not reached the UK yet. We are In the 2nd lockdown. Tho Hollywood arnt slow on doing movies or parodies of covid Last year Corona zombies. Yes this movie was done in a day Death to 2020 on Netflix Songbird out now on Netflix about lockdown and covid 23
  4. Daveuk

    Cooking Blog

    Each Wednesday I be putting on my new cooking foods I be cooking
  5. Thursday in uk will be going into the 2nd full lockdown for the month and on bonfire night
  6. Enjoyed watching the following films on Halloween Tales from the crypt Halloween Final destination 5 Ghost stories
  7. Daveuk


    5th ( next Monday ) I sign the papers and get the keys 7th I be moving some stuff over to my new place. 12th I be officially moving in to my new place.
  8. Daveuk

    My new place

    The picture is at too
  9. Daveuk

    My new place

    Just a pic of my new living room
  10. Looks really good inside and still has a few furniture still Inside
  11. I have not seen inside yet I will take photos
  12. Last Monday it was the rule of 6 no more than 6 people are allowed out and the fines wait till you hear this 1st offence £100 2nd offence £3200
  13. Daveuk


    The soaska sisters recently did a remake of the classic as well as they did Remake of croenenbergs classic Rabid
  14. But this forum looks different to what I remember it before?
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