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  1. Apple and banana crumble Pasta bake Cheese and mushroom tartlets https://postimg.cc/d74LsXj0 https://postimg.cc/ZWvGKyPv
  2. profiteroles with cream and chocolate sauce Cheese and Carmelised onions tart Cheese and onion pastries https://postimg.cc/K4RzPv3z https://postimg.cc/6T30CRhv https://postimg.cc/ZBqrFt6S
  3. https://postimg.cc/t1YSj3RF Pear and chocolate upside down cake
  4. Just had my first jab my next one will be in August
  5. Excuse me I had no idea this was going on in my thread. My initial intention for this thread was to inform people of the sad passing. If you were in the UK your comments would be treasonous to the royal family.
  6. This Wednesday. I be getting my first of two vaccine jabs
  7. Asparagus and broad bean Quiche Tuna niche Cherry pudding https://postimg.cc/GTbXgmGw
  8. Pizza pepper pie and rhubarb crumble with pie crust https://postimg.cc/YGF3rbrC
  9. Festive chicken and ham pie Homemade bettenberg cake https://postimg.cc/tYkXW8y9 https://postimg.cc/nsC76vTQ
  10. Mini pork pies Salmon en croute French apple tart with lemon curd glaze https://postimg.cc/WqLLw6v2
  11. Bangers and mash ( sausage and mash potato and carrots ) Plum and blackberry pie Fish pie https://postimg.cc/217vNCfj https://postimg.cc/RWJSwRXk https://postimg.cc/dLLwK6Ph
  12. Quiche Lorraine, samsous and french strawberry tart https://postimg.cc/bGtXdQ1V https://postimg.cc/vcf67jbG
  13. Daveuk

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Mince, carrots, gravey, tomato puree, onions, mash potato.and cheddar cheese
  14. Cottage pie https://postimg.cc/m1HkG4pK
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