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  1. I was wondering how many guys in here uumse SPH as a coping mechanism to deal with the depression and anxiety around being small.
  2. for those of us with a unfortunate taste for small penis humiliation fatasies is there a safe outlet? Some sort of chat? Since this is not the place for that.
  3. @u.r.what.u.is do find sometimes your skin sticks and is uncomfortable when you peel it back? This questions gos for umcircimsied men also.
  4. @lifelongvirginNot sure you can measure this. I wonder if having a relative that is hung is that different then one whos your size but does not care or have it effect him? I grew up by behavior thinking and hoping my brother was packing a 9" monster. I spent ages watching him masturbate trying to measure how big he was and was devasted when he was the same size. It made it all about me. I still most of the time picture him with 9" thick monster when i picture him. Amd he might as well have one.
  5. @YOTH @lifelongvirgin Turning the conversation to penis size is surprisingly easy. And once you are there fitting in "well as someone who has a very small penis" and work from there. When you tell them how small curiosity takes over. Not getting hard is the tricky part. Ive now managed it three times.
  6. @YOTH i brought it up in conversation and asked if they would look. So not flashing in that way.
  7. Do any other curcimcised guys have the issue that because of your flaccid size your skin rolls over like a foreskin? Mine does all the time and sticks to itself in an unpleasant way when i have to roll it back to pee. Its a weird thing but because i'm small enough my cock is totally engulfed when soft and no penis sticks out just skin.
  8. @YOTHHonstly, the guilt i feel is for the possible negative results it might yield. I feel no guilt in the act. It feels amazing. I feel bad about the associated risk and what it might do to me or others. Not the people im exposing myself to. I know i should not enjoy it but it love it. And i guess power is some part of it. I hope they will laugh or say something embarrassing, but i am making them know what my tiny cock looks like. I know they cant escape that and there is a sense of power to that. It has changed over time that i still mostly feel shame and fear, but i have high moments of fee
  9. Fllowup. Unfortunately I have done it now and one laughed and the other turned red. But i dont think either cared at all. Unfortunately i still hor that huge thrill. I dream of them talking about it, telling my friends. I am masturbating to the event and it makes me fear for the future. The shame and guilt and pain that comes with it does not outweigh the feeling that came with it. I have masturbation issues on their own and this is likely is caught up in them.
  10. I know this can sounds condescending. I am also small and have worried about my sex life would effect a true relationship. Even know i cant help it slipping in my mind even though ive been with my wife for years. I know there are aspects of sex that are just different for us. We are limited in positions by my size for example or needing to stay deep so i dont fall out. With a bit more work we have been able to find new and better ways to please her. It was anxiety and stress producing, but we got there by me being honest about it and just talking about it and telling her not spare my feelings
  11. No same here. Its tarted as my mom seeing me naked swimming in the summer and telling its ok it'll get bigger. That over the years moved to jokes about my size. It hurt bad because she didnt mean harm but made me feel even smaller. I think in my case she is a big part of where my shame/depression/fetishes come from. Those jokes cut to the core and i think are what fuled my need for humiliation later in life. I know that true in part because thats when i first started to enjoy it. Even though just while masturbating. Her frequent joking about my size i would think makes up a sizeable chunck of
  12. Feeling small found its way in my head since puberty. One particular way was there from the start. Was anyone else obsessed with the size of their brothers penis? I did everything i could to see his soft and hard and kept trying even after i saw it. Or is this just me? This created a huge amount of guilt and contributed to my depression and shame, even issues with questioning my sexuality. Seeing him and seeing him and seeing he was nearly identical hard just made me feel worse that he seemed fine with it. It kept feeding sexual fetishes and kinks I wanted no part of but could.not escape. No
  13. I did not help to know that. I was equaly as obsessed after i knew. His seeming confidence made it feel like he was 8". Never was a thing with my dad. I'd look at a video of him hard over and over and over.
  14. I did not help to know that. I was equaly as obsessed after i knew. His seeming confidence made it feel like he was 8". Never was a thing with my dad.
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