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  1. I also experienced this kind of parental gaslighting. In hindsight I've chalked it up a bit to my mom's general hatred of men. She talked down my dad a lot and always insinuated that I had his same flaws. She would never, and still doesn't ever, acknowledge my accomplishments without trying to poke holes in them and tear them down. She would chide me endlessly about how other boys in my class were better than me at this or that, and especially that the girls were better than me at things. She would hold me to unreasonably high expectations, talk about my potential, chide me if I wasn't getting straight A's, etc. I always got this impression that my mom was simultaneously trying to feign love for me and push me, while also working to secretly undermine me. Nothing like feeling pressured to succeed while also feeling like the person who is pressuring you is the one undermining you. Childhood was basically the equivalent experience to constantly being told that you have the potential, obligation, etc. to have a big dick, while having a small one.
  2. Interesting question. No, I haven't. High school girlfriend...asked me out, ended with her shunning me, hating me, etc. High school crush...rejected me when I asked her out Real girlfriend #1...cheated on me while doing study abroad, dumped me without ever telling me Real girlfriend #2...dumped me Real girlfriend #3...still dating I had a girl I went on a few dates with duck out of my kiss when I finally tried to kiss her. I will say there were a couple girls where I never followed up with them after the first date, out of fear that they didn't like me on the first date
  3. I'm not even sure how to broach this one. It just feels like in the last couple years penis size has become political. Obviously the running gag in liberal circles about Trump's hands (and penis). And I get a vibe on this forum that there's sort of an overarching resentment of feminists. And perhaps even a right wing bent. It's not a bad thing, and I'm certainly not saying this out of any personal political interest. I'm honestly just curious and know how sensitive a topic this is. I'm obviously not expecting anybody to answer any of this in any particular way and suspect there may be some discomfort around the whole topic, but if anybody is brave enough: - For the people posting in this forum, if you're comfortable, what are your political views? - Do you feel like your views about your penis have informed or colored your political views? - Do you think the attitudes of the left may be driving small penis young men to the right? - Is there even a relationship between penis and politics? - Have your politics evolved over the years you've evolved your views on women and your penis? - What can happen at the political level to improve on the whole penis size issue?
  4. Honestly, I do think the best way to overcome a small penis is to date a women 2-3 notches down on the looks spectrum.
  5. No wonder there's been such a rise in the incel culture. I'm on Whisper and I see so many guys posting about being in their mid-20s and virgins not by their own choosing. Feminist empowerment has had significant implications. In the 1800s nobody was allowed to talk about penis size or sexual prowess, and women took what they were given. Now they're the arbiters who choose, and it's exacerbating natural selection.
  6. Not all of us went to schools where classmates, teammates, and peer groups could be disaggregated.
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