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  1. I also experienced this kind of parental gaslighting. In hindsight I've chalked it up a bit to my mom's general hatred of men. She talked down my dad a lot and always insinuated that I had his same flaws. She would never, and still doesn't ever, acknowledge my accomplishments without trying to poke holes in them and tear them down. She would chide me endlessly about how other boys in my class were better than me at this or that, and especially that the girls were better than me at things. She would hold me to unreasonably high expectations, talk about my potential, chid
  2. Interesting question. No, I haven't. High school girlfriend...asked me out, ended with her shunning me, hating me, etc. High school crush...rejected me when I asked her out Real girlfriend #1...cheated on me while doing study abroad, dumped me without ever telling me Real girlfriend #2...dumped me Real girlfriend #3...still dating I had a girl I went on a few dates with duck out of my kiss when I finally tried to kiss her. I will say there were a couple girls where I never followed up with them after the first date, out of fear that they didn't like me on the
  3. I'm not even sure how to broach this one. It just feels like in the last couple years penis size has become political. Obviously the running gag in liberal circles about Trump's hands (and penis). And I get a vibe on this forum that there's sort of an overarching resentment of feminists. And perhaps even a right wing bent. It's not a bad thing, and I'm certainly not saying this out of any personal political interest. I'm honestly just curious and know how sensitive a topic this is. I'm obviously not expecting anybody to answer any of this in any particular way and suspect there may b
  4. Honestly, I do think the best way to overcome a small penis is to date a women 2-3 notches down on the looks spectrum.
  5. No wonder there's been such a rise in the incel culture. I'm on Whisper and I see so many guys posting about being in their mid-20s and virgins not by their own choosing. Feminist empowerment has had significant implications. In the 1800s nobody was allowed to talk about penis size or sexual prowess, and women took what they were given. Now they're the arbiters who choose, and it's exacerbating natural selection.
  6. Not all of us went to schools where classmates, teammates, and peer groups could be disaggregated.
  7. I was talking to someone who was trying to paint a profile of the "typical" guy with this condition. Curious which of these are common demoninators. Can you indicate which apply to you? Are you generally smart / successful? Are you white? Are you overweight? Are you less than 5'11"? Are you scrawny? Are you introverted? Are you intimidated by girls? Did you lose your virginity after age 18, or are still a virgin now? Is your penis smaller than average, but NOT a micropenis? Do you tend to cum quickly? Are you a grower rather than a
  8. I wish I had learned to be self-depricating about it in high school.
  9. Can you talk about the primary differences?
  10. Yeah, I have a crazy memory and someone I know who's training to a doctor has a theory about it, but yeah, it's pretty intense. And hmm, I can definitely do that. Now I'm wondering if I should do this as a series about the evolution of SPS. I have several more from high school, I want to do a set on college, and then a set on dating now leading to my current gf.
  11. Sorry if any of this is too much to share. I had to get these experiences off my chest. I'm hoping to do another one of these with adult horror stories, but for those of you wondering how sps takes shape in someone, these are adolescent experiences that I'm pretty sure contributed for me. There's more than this, but at least it's a start. I haven't shared a lot of this, so no idea why I'm compelled to share it here. Such a fucking depressing trip down memory lane. 1. My first experience thinking about size was trying to show off the massiveness of my boner through a towel to s
  12. It could land him in jail though. I dont think flashing unsuspecting females is a good thing. You're just passing your trauma onto them.
  13. In what other area are we content with "good enough" or "average" as our saving grace. The fact that my girlfriend tolerates sex with me in spite of it being unsatisfying is supposed to make me feel good?
  14. Trust me, realizing when you're 14 that you get aroused at night thinking of some douchey prick who picks on you stealing your crush away from you is NOT an empowering feeling. Quite the opposite. Every one of those sad, shameful boners felt like him stabbing me in the side. It's not you winning when that happens. It's him.
  15. How do you feel about being smaller than your dad? At least your mom probably doesn't think you're small though.
  16. Geez, how much do you make? And I don't know that white guys have that much better reputation in this whole thing than Asian guys. My girlfriend is Asian, though, so i'm wary of what this combination is going to do for my kids when I have them.
  17. I don't anticipate it would actually help. I anticipate I'd just get told that I'm fine and that I shouldn't worry about it, which completely isn't the point, much less not being true. And yet there's still something, well, maybe I just want somebody to listen to me even if they can't solve my problems. Just having somebody to finally listen and acknowledge this struggle would be nice. The world is so full of people who either pretend it's not a real issue or, well most of the time you can't talk about it because it's so taboo. I just want somebody I can vent to who can acknowledge it. Some da
  18. I felt the same way about masturbating and I think Catholic school had a lot to do with it. They told us it was better to spill our seed into the belly of a whore than onto the ground. I felt super guilty and tried to stop so many times and I'd always fail and then feel that same loathing and guilt. It didn't help that I was super embarrassed by the things I was masturbating to and which I was letting get me hard, really embarrassing things. It doesn't bother me as much now but it still bothers me and I still think I do it too much.
  19. Constantly. There are just way too many things happening constantly. The only thing I crave is silence but I can't get away from all the noise, all the distractions, all the music, horns, sirens, noises. Every email induces stress and every minute I'm left to myself I go into these panic fits where I almost send rash emails I'll regret. Overstimulation is totally a thing.
  20. First let me state that I don't have low self-esteem. I know plenty of people who have no confidence whatsoever and I am not one of those people. In some ways part of my struggle is that I feel my abilities are actually really impressive that it's depressing that I'm not achieving as much as I want to, like that I'm destined for more like I'm special, and then also if that's true that it doesn't make sense to me feeling like uniquely gifted on the one hand and on the other the feeling of having gotten royally fucked over with a penis that's embarrassingly inadequate. Like imagine being a uniqu
  21. I feel so crappy about my size because I’m not like freakishly tiny but instead am right within that zone where society basically says you are average range and have no right to feel insecure but then behind our backs makes fun of this size relentlessly. Like where it’s just big enough that no one feels sorry for you even though you are small and even people on a site like this tell guys they aren’t allowed to feel insecure about it and it really just makes me even more depressed. What I mean is, well, when I first looked up size all I could find was the Kinsey study that said average wa
  22. A lot of these posts seem fake like the last one and I hate that cuz it does a disservice to this whole topic. I was going to write about my feelings being seen naked by my girlfriend but now it seems like a waste. Anyway yea I have similar feelings op.
  23. I used to have this nightmare that I'd walk into a therapist's office and the therapist would be the mom of a kid I used to know in high school who would often pick on me. She would break me down and get me to admit I had a small penis and that I couldn't satisfy my girlfriend. She would compare me to her son who didn't have those issues and remind me he used to pick on me. I'd end up crying and she'd sit there comforting me encouraging me to just accept that I'd never be equipped enough to ever satisfy a girl. It was a weird nightmare and I'm not even sure where it came from. In reality I'm f
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