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  1. You don't need to ask women 5.9" is considerably above average. You have nothing to worry about. When I visited LPSG I perceived that the "Ask a Woman" participants pooh poohed male size concerns. They were not size queens at all!
  2. Unfortunately, this is a big problem for high a per cent of us under endowed guys. Even if we are able to hide insecurity and obsession, few of us can fake sexual confidence.
  3. Are you substantially small? Below 5.5 erect or very small flaccid? If not, of course you might not be aware.
  4. Yes, indeed! Women are unlikely to be selecting a man to fuck based on penis size in that fashion!
  5. Divorced has left the site because of personal issues she is handling. She said she will not be returning. She has mentioned to some of us and in her posts too that she suffered rather severe abuse in high school and believes herself to be suffering psychologially from that.
  6. Sorry to butt in here, but do you mean (Vienna Circle) psychological theory is out of date? Seems to me it should be up-dated for a less culturally bound, more generally applicable approach, but the baby seems to have been thrown out with the bathwater. My original self-diagnosis, far from putting myself in a good light, cast myself in a very negative light: moral flaws in exercising will. Now I see I was hormonally and genitally inadequate quite beyond the power of any "moral will" to correct. Hello Dr. Adler!
  7. Maybe should have posted under existing thread: Submissive Feelings to a Larger Penis Just telling my story, repulsive or not. I found it repulsive too.
  8. I'm not really at peace with, but I appreciated your honesty. Still painful to hear. It was decades later that I actually experimented with my submissive gay side. I often think about what might have happened if I followed her "advice" back then.
  9. That's really reality check for a guy just under 4" like myself. Too bad the guy's hand wasn't visible or a ruler. I would guess somewhat under 6". Yeah, I saw it before it was deleted.
  10. Yeah, I didn't get around to mentioning she was right.
  11. Yes, of course, but we are talking about men who are handicapped by a small penis, or think they are, and who they should set their sights upon for marriage or a partner? To me it is strange that many small guys complain about how impaired they are but never consider settling for less than an ideal partner. Of course, a less than ideal relationship results, too. Mutual lack of respect is not a firm basis for a relationship unless tempered with acceptance and sincere mutual sympathy. Mutual pretending you are both of higher status than you are doesn't work well. I recall my first wife being shocked at company functions when she perceived the men I worked with didn't respect me much. She had imagined my flaws were our "personal secret." The 1st really sexual relationship I had was unstable in this way. The woman was older than me, a single mom, somewhat overweight and her breasts, though large, hung very low with stretch marks as did her belly and ass. She liked to show me pictures of how hot she used to look when she was young, hour glass figure, breast jutting, pretty face, etc. I was still young and boyish looking. Some of her old friends stopped by and commented on how often the 2 of us were together. They said, apparently sincerely, "He must have a big cock." She laughed and blurted out, "He (me) doesn't have no big cock," with a big smile. Then she said, "Oh, I'm sorry," to me, covering her mouth, and everybody laughed. I tried to laugh, but couldn't. Until then, I didn't realize how mutual our lack of respect was. She knew I was sexually inexperience and that was part of our relationship. She was the teacher and leader in sex. She enjoyed my young boyish fit body. She claimed she would "cum" on my penis, but I never really believed or felt it. She introduced me to serving her orally which I did enjoy because she had clear orgasms that way. After that episode with her friends things I had rationalized away came back to me. Early on she had asked if I was gay, saying it's OK to be gay. Periodically, she would put gay porn on her TV with the VCR and try to get me interested. When the action got hot she would reach over and see it I got a hard-on (I didn't). A couple times when pretty drunk she said she would like to see me suck cock or get fucked. She always talked to me against big cocks as painful or too much effort. I was always skeptical of that talk, but now I knew she was patronizing. Her friends had made it clear she had a reputation for enjoying big cocks. I had tried to rationalize away her gay references as her personal fetish, but now I could see she thought I was a little dick gay sissy boy. She wasn't totally wrong about that, I guess, given that gay guys used to hit on me pretty regularly. When we were out she would point-out guys that she alleged liked to have their cocks sucked by "young guys" and try to introduce us. She asked me to buy her a realistic penis dildo. I got a moderately thick 7 or 8 inch one. She thought it was really funny that it was so big and sent me back for a smaller one. She said she would give the big one to friends who like big cocks.
  12. I was similar minus the pressure to be competitive. I was systematically put down by my parents for disappointing them. They never mentioned my genitals, but probably lamented behind my back to each other.
  13. I think they have to be shy or socially inept, but small tits, homely face and other physical disabilities wouldn't hurt.
  14. That would mean, I think, that the current campus radicalism is"bourgeoise" by Marx's standards, not real communism. Clever de-fanging of communism by the ruling class?
  15. That seems to be an extreme reaction. I feel depressed or extremely discouraged, not angry when confronted with said realities. That can morph into accepting my place if the alpha seems moral in his exercise of power or status. Have you considered that maybe there is a mismatch between your hormonal status and your penis size? That is, maybe you have high masculinity due to genetics and hormones, but are unable to exercise those potentials because of a small penis categorizing you low in the socio-sexual hierarchy in the minds of others?
  16. Victim of the Crime posted this which I think is brilliant. The original thread was Thy Enemy Small Penis Male Socio-Sexual Hierarchy by Vox Day. This analysis is far more complex and explains much more than the "simple" alpha vs. beta analysis. I would suggest that the psychological theorists Jung and Adler and Aldous Huxley had insights into these issues, but in their "Victorian" times couldn't write explicitly enough.
  17. Wasn't it you that posted the male social sexual video by Dox Day(sp?)? That guy had it nailed I think. Many people become wealthy because they happened to be in the right place at the right time and handled the opportunity well. Alpha status may have nothing to do with it. True alphas are more interested in leading, dominating and maintaining status in the eyes of others. These characteristics might often interfere with cunning wealth accumulation. Old man Rockefeller and Henry Ford, as well, were little guys (I don't know about their genitals). Henry Ford saw Harry Bennett deck a much bigger guy in a fist fight on the docks and immediately hired him to be his second in command. Old man Ford was probably a Gamma. Henry Ford was a race car driver and talented garage mechanic when the world was ripe to be put on wheels. BTW: Isn't Oprah rumored to be an alpha lesbian?
  18. I think quite a few small guys here and elsewhere imply that they can't have a normal family life. Many seem to think all women would be enthusiastic cuckolders.
  19. Yes, it's not the dick so much as "taking shit" that concerns this woman. She doesn't state what "taking shit" means, but that's a pretty good guess. She definitely has an attitude about men in general, perhaps justified in her mind by her experience.
  20. Do you realize how absurd this is? At just over 5" you are average! 50% of guys are smaller. 50% of guys can't have a life because of a small penis? You seem to have a problem selecting appropriate partners and peer groups. If a peer group hazes you about your penis it mean THEY ARE NO GOOD! Find decent people for your friends! BTW: The grad students who work tables instead of going into the world are probably NOT NORMAL. Penis size is not discussed at most professional workplaces.
  21. How does being small prevent you from aiming for a lower status partner?
  22. YES! I would bet that "dating apps" don't include women who are shy and behind the eight-ball is various ways. Two low status or emotionally impaired people are most likely to find each other in the real world: job, volunteer groups, etc. than on dating apps. There will still be problems, of course, as my 2 marriages prove! My 1st wife was a virgin still at a time no one else seemed to be. She knew I had assertiveness issues and social anxiety, but accepted that. Oddly, though, she wanted to believe I had a large penis, but had never seen another one since childhood. Porn was not easily available yet. Maybe it's instinctive to want the status of your mate having a large penis? Her tendency to tell small penis jokes unnerved me. I probably should never have mentioned that I was significantly below average, but I did. Changed things for the worse! I was even lower status than she had imagined!
  23. Does that suck, or what? Yeah, the "status" issue is seldom stated, but probably more important than function. Women want others to respect their choice in men. Cock size is one of many factors.
  24. I became obsessed with a number of girls from grade school on through High School. In grade school we would play together and even hold hands. In middle school girls would even throw themselves at me. But, I wouldn't respond because I knew I wasn't maturing like the other boys. Soon, girls knew I wasn't maturing also and lost interest in me. I still had my favorites but no longer even talked to any girls. I fantasized we were dating and soon started masturbating about them after 9th grade. I didn't have the absurd fantasies of perfect, but I thought they were very special. I met some of them at my 50 year HS reunion. They still seemed special. We didn't talk about how weird I was in HS except one who had a locker next to her for 3 years which I did remember, but never knew her name. She said she was highly insulted I never talked to her or even nodded. I just laughed and said I hardly talked to anyone. She was very attractive in HS and very social. I was totally intimidated by how "cool" or "with it" she was in High School. I never asked a girl out until my last year of college when I started drinking heavy. Drinking lowered my inhibitions and allowed my weak libido to cause action.
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