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  1. Yeah, must be a defense mechanism!
  2. Did he blame himself for not asking her out? I didn't watch the whole video, but that would be my obsession when attracted. I can't imagine sitting around building a fantasy about the person.
  3. I'm having a hard time grasping the nature of gammas according to the video. Maybe because the concept strikes too close to home! Omegas seem to be similar to or share chacteristics with what others have called INCELS: involuntary celibates. Interesting the Vox Day (the video maker) or whatever his name is doesn't speak explicitly about penis size, but his alpha cartoon and some movie outtakes, slyly refer to penis size. Also, he doesn't seem to yet delve into how some alphas are good and responsible while others are evil and exploitive.
  4. I see. You mean society is prejudiced against guys with a small penis and have a tendency to demonize or dismiss them!
  5. Correct! I wasn't offended by the Hitler reference though it is silly.
  6. I guess she's still with Donald Trump, Jr.!
  7. Ok, but women are in corporate, government and work place hierarchies now. He only mention that if you place a woman in close contact with an alpha they will probably have sex! I guess no work gets accomplished!
  8. Interesting video, but I don't get confusing jerks and pathological liars with nice guys. Jerks always claim they are nice guys, though!
  9. I think you are describing the penis head rubbing the g-spot and causing clitoral orgasms. I could do it for my wife with my fingers, so a thin cock should be able to do it too though a thick one might feel better!
  10. I felt she wasn't really orgasming with me even though she said she was satisfied. So I cheated thinking other women might be more responsive. Long story. Maybe I'll get into it eventually.
  11. Well, I have had. I think I was a nice guy, too. However, because of my small penis syndrome I cheated and lost her.
  12. It might be unfair to say women do not want nice guys. Maybe jerks are just more likely to proposition them. No doubt "having a big dick is like an intravenous confidence injection." They might want a nice, but strong aggressive guy, there aren't any!
  13. Maybe not. Might just be a common male attitude. Maybe instinctual.
  14. Yeah, sounds like how I remember High School. Bragging to peers. I remember over-hearing stuff like that.
  15. Generally, I'm totally unaware of my penis. No weight or feeling of something being there.
  16. The word handicap has negative connotations for me, but small penis as a relative handicap makes rational sense to me. I'm not interested in doing anything competitive unless I have a good chance of becoming a winner. Having a handicap doesn't inspire me. Quite the contrary. I don't want sex to be about competition. I want to be close to a special woman and provide great sex when appropriate.
  17. Me too, but I'm not sure it is a plus! I think my small penis made me a submissive gay.
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