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  1. Well you can't believe how much I feel your pain. I am 36 and never had a girl friend for the same reason as you. That's way worse than the one you have had. How am I ever going to get out of this stranglehold. I am also addicted to porn and masturbation.
  2. but my best guess is that by the time your woman is forgiving you for not having improved in that area she is also getting closer to forgetting about the whole size issue.
  3. im kind of ashamed to admit that i am a virgin and have never had sex. i guess if i 'tried' sex i would have a better understanding of myself.
  4. i can't say i am too unhappy about my length. but my girth is quite bad. around 4.25 inches. i would like to be an inch girthier but as hasa been said, it ain't gonna happen.
  5. thanks jazz for showing your concern. it means something to tell you the truth. im over it already. i want to do better things than that and that's what counts.
  6. I'm feeling all twisted up inside. I watched some irregular porn just now. I guess it could have been worse but it was about a guy tied down and a woman teasing this guy. And I masturbated. What can I do to redeem myself. I want to have a girlfriend and a real relationship but it doesn't look possible as long as I am so messed up inside. Am I just a fucked up individual or does this have to do with SPS. I really hope it has to do with SPS and I am alright as a person coz then all I gotta do is have sex and my worries will either be confirmed or denied. I have another thing to admit. Sometimes I watch webcam girls. I saw this one girl who got an orgasm using a toy by just penetrating it two inches or even less just playing it around. I asked her how this was possible. She said the g spot is located 2 inches in. She said size does not matter. I believed it but I also realized that there are women out there who wouldn't be satisfied with even an 8 inch dick. So everyone is different and to some size matters and to some not depending on their anatomy. I have the highest respect for all anatomies though I would be partial to women who are satisfied more easily for obvious reasons. Women, if you are reading this, please respond to me. What should I do?
  7. cool. thanks. however, it would be reassuring to hear from a woman especially about the girth.
  8. well i just wanted to know how a certain class of women think. to be frank there were a few women who were really nice over there. but some of them massacred me. there is an 'ask a woman' section there where there was this one guy who asked .. how can i turn my girl friend into a size queen. he also got a lot of flak. it was said to him that it is not possible.
  9. Hi, Lately I'm in a lot of anguish concerning this. I've asked this question before but I mis stated my measurements so my earlier question stands null and void. My bone pressed erect length is around 5.9 inches to be precise it is 5 and 7/8 inches. My girth is around 4.5 inches around mid around 4 inches at the head and around 4.7 inches or more at the base, but base does not count as it does not penetrate. So please tell me your opinions. For some reason girls tend to find this question very annoying but I ask for your patience. Thanks in advance. I don't want to go to Large penis support group or any of those other places as the women over there are really ruthless and merciless and they slaughtered me last time I went there.
  10. in my honest opinion anyone over 4 inches in length has nothing to worry about as long as they have some girth to it(which I don''t) and anyone with less than 4 inches still hsa hope with 35% of the women on the planet. so cheers and celebrate.
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