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  1. Oh my god, thank you so much for the words and links i will read everything for sure and try to find if there's some organization or at least an affordable therapist. Im really glad you answered me, this is really helpful. Thank you a lot! 😊♡
  2. Just by answering its already awesome, really thank you. I don't really know why, but i know how they come. Everytime im uncomfortable, when something happens, it can be a lil thing but it hits me like a train.Thank you very much for the words. ♡
  3. Im actually having a real hard time, its been some months im on the maniac phase but sometimes it gets mixed, when i feel down and low. I have been into not so hard crisis but its been two weeks that im compulsively touching myself over and over. Im eating a lot, i feel empty and im not being productive. Sometimes i distract myself and try tp get over it but its not working anymore. I just moved and i feel like this is not my place. Im trembling all the time, and i want to cry. I feel like im going to explode at any moment and i start feeling suffocated, in panic. I feel guilty, everything is
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