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  1. Hi everybody, as you may know, I'm dyslexic and ım on the spectrum. I have to write an application letter to a University but ım really having a hard time writing it. I have soooo much in my mind but ı just cant seem to express them on paper. This is really,really important for me because its my only chance for getting in. How can I express myself on papers? any ideas?
  2. @Victimorthecrime I was diagnosed when I was a kid. Some symptoms I handled, some I still struggle every day. Some textures, sounds. especially social interactions are hard for me.
  3. Hello everyone, I didn't know where to post this so I hope I nailed it. So I'm on the spectrum and I have dyslexia. Time to time I'm having hard times managing myself. I was wondering about are there any people here that share the same community with me... Maybe we'll make a support group and chat about our every-day lives. Thank you. (if I posted this on the wrong topic sorry)
  4. Yes. Now, people have to wear one or else they get a big fine to pay.
  5. Dima

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Thank you! I'm holding on! I mostly study during the day. How about you?
  6. I'm in Turkey and people are not wearing masks at all... until this day. The government basically forbid to go outside without a mask. I hope that helps.
  7. Dima

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Hello! @LaLa Yes, I did see a psychiatrist and also a Cardiologist, to eliminate any other disorders. And everything was okay with my heart. The doctor said that my symptoms match with anxiety,and of course I told her my history with the disorder. Now I'm doing fine and focusing on behavioral therapy. thank you for your concerns I really appreciate it
  8. Dima

    Stress? Anxiety?

    @LaLa Hello! I stopped taking my medication almost 1 year ago! I mean ı dont think thats the reason, but ıf I have to start again, I will and never going to stop until I complete my time... I learned my lesson there. in fact I took this morning but it has literally no effects because I think its too low for me now. Once I get myself checked up physicially I will go to a psychiatrist to talk about it. I mean I hope its psychological and not something physical.
  9. Dima

    Stress? Anxiety?

    @Victimorthecrime Thank you! Last night it got worse ad I think ı had a mild panic attack. So I'm going back to my country to get it checked up properly. I hope its just Anxiety. Wish me luck
  10. Dima

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Thank you for your kind comments, last night I talked with my friend who had been in the same situation and showed me a few coping skills, I have been trying those, and it helps a little bit, I feel a little bit better I guess. And no, My collage dont have any counseling center unfortunately.. thats why ım having these problems the college situation is stressing me out sooo much.
  11. Hello, I'm having so many troubles recently. Basicially I have a University situation-problem going on for a long time now and I'm extremely stressed about it. I study abroad, so it makes it worse. And now ım having these symptoms incluing, headaches (not severe), nausea, fatigue,anxiety, having hard time breathing (its like something just stuck in my throat) and whenever I go outside, just by walking, my heart goes super crazy. I mean ı can feel it beating so hard and fast. so my question is, is this because of stress? or should I be concerned about it and go back to my country to check it up? I used to take escilatopram for my anxiety, but I got better and stop taking it. And my stress about this situation is on-and-off but right now its very severe and its making me depressed. in summer thought, when ı was in my country I was feeling much better until I came back to my study place. I generally sleep,but recently I started waking up in the night frequently. please excuse my mistakes in grammar if I have any, I'm just freaking out right now.
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