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  1. I’m currently living in pain and confusion. I wanted guidance and answers, but am now need to come in trust and patience. I’m going to be alright. I know I will. New things do come and I will have to adapt it. I will. True love will come. I’ve never known that and only a perverted way of love, where I was abused, raped and molested daily. Yes of course it will. I just have to calm down and believe. There’s nothing I could do now, as I even have done all that I can to seek direction. I don’t want to be confused anymore. Very soon I will be known as I’m known. I sti
  2. I’m currently not in therapy, because my diagnosis of complex PTSD and DID is hard to find competent ones. Even for those who are, knowing I had ritual abuse background, they were uncomfortable treating me and referred me away, including when I told them I have survived the attempted murder of my abusers and survived three failed suicide attempts. I have a family, but they cannot handle the distressing information as they’re not professionals who has the appropriate tools. I don’t have friends due to deep seated mistrust due to my extensive abuse background. I’m currently living on disab
  3. I’m an extremely hurt abused man inside, you can’t see the real me, because outside is a female body. I’m crying every moment and no one sees my pain. I literally cry every day and night, hurting so much. My psychologist has told me that I have DID, which is dissociative identity disorder. I just hate the label. Why me? I don’t want to be many mes. I cannot know what has happened when my other parts out. They have the skills, the experience, the memories, the personalities that I don’t have. Where is myself? I have lost myself. I found out that I was ritualistically abuse
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