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  1. I had a few drinks over Christmas but hardly drink at all in general.
  2. geronimo

    Wednesday cooking

    "Yum" springs to mind. Choc muffins!
  3. Yeah, I suppose accurate information and reporting of side effects is the important thing, to help with decision making.
  4. I don't think pharma companies should get a 'get out of jail free' card with regard to vaccines and their effects though, either, that is not right/ethical, it's wrong.
  5. Yes, I noticed that report yesterday - obviously investigation will be needed to determine what happened there. I have read that in a couple of articles for example that the Pfizer and Moderna jabs can cause allergic reactions in those who are susceptible to that sort of thing. The Oxford vaccine is made a bit differently to those two. People have to make their own mind up - but many have had the vaccine with no particular probs so far.
  6. Also the Queen and Prince Philip have had the vaccine so it must be alright 😝 Apparently the Oxford/ Astrazeneca one according to reports but it could be the Pfizer, they probably wouldn't really reveal that. But if you are already in your 90's, the balance of risk surely favours a punt on the vaccine!
  7. Thing is, they cannot spend 10 years approving a vaccine as we need it much more quickly than that. Also 1976 was quite some time ago, science has moved on since then. Just presenting another view, uptight.
  8. Thanks for running the site malign, glad you sorted it out.
  9. Everyone has to make their own decision I guess. I also am in a risk group. There is the danger of long covid as well. It all depends how much faith you have in the science, scientists and regulators.
  10. No, but hope to get vaccinated soon as there are centres set up around. Yes, there is a new variant - they are hopeful the vaccine will deal with it - it is a worrying time, the health service is struggling with the extra covid cases. Hope you are ok Vic.
  11. I don't know about toxic positivity but I smile all the time even if i don't feel like it 😍 Sorry can't like anyone's posts, just assume I like them all!
  12. Hello Vic. I keep getting a message that the site security certificate is not up to date, so that may be it? Sending best Christmas wishes to you and to All x
  13. Impressed that you are volunteering KS, well done.
  14. Yeah, shops I like are probably going to disappear, even Debenhams as a side casualty - it is just not the same shopping online, you can't feel the fabric or spray the perfume, online is boring really.
  15. Hope you feel better soon Vic or that the doc can help with it all x
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