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  1. geronimo

    Wednesday 7th April

    Very tasty, hope you enjoyed them all. Coffee cake sounds good. Last thing I cooked was salmon and vegetables, it was nice though.
  2. Yes, he did support many charities and the Queen for 70 years.
  3. Yes, I also had a difficult week. Easter wishes to you, Vic & All on the forum.
  4. Dave, hope you weren't over egging your pudding! Happy Easter.
  5. Easter special, Dave?
  6. I am looking to do some clutter clearing but am hopeless at throwing things out! Thanks for the good wishes Vic.
  7. Hope you enjoyed the food, Dave.
  8. Are you going to choose to turn the page? Best wishes.
  9. Hope you have a nice weekend, Vic.
  10. Just some information I found - see section on family support; Information Resources | Autism West Midlands Visual Resources | Autism West Midlands Not forums or videos but may be a bit of help, hope so.
  11. Great, Dave, nice food.
  12. Lets hope so. Weather improving here, spring flowers starting to bloom.
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