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  1. geronimo

    Wednesday 15th June

    Hi Lala. Just a turn of phrase that means 'working very hard' - Dave always seems to cook 3 dishes and not easy ones!
  2. geronimo

    Wednesday 15th June

    Yum. More slaving over a hot cooker! Good work Dave.
  3. Dave, hope it goes well.
  4. Not sure what to say, seems a bit experimental so take care of yourself.
  5. I do feel a bit easier now having had both jabs. Also know what you mean about the masks, it is surprising how people have got used to them, I am used to wearing one now. Also a bit of protection against catching colds!
  6. I felt a bit chilly after the first jab. Hope you are fully ok soon.
  7. geronimo

    Wednesday 7th April

    Very tasty, hope you enjoyed them all. Coffee cake sounds good. Last thing I cooked was salmon and vegetables, it was nice though.
  8. Yes, he did support many charities and the Queen for 70 years.
  9. Yes, I also had a difficult week. Easter wishes to you, Vic & All on the forum.
  10. Dave, hope you weren't over egging your pudding! Happy Easter.
  11. Easter special, Dave?
  12. I am looking to do some clutter clearing but am hopeless at throwing things out! Thanks for the good wishes Vic.
  13. Hope you enjoyed the food, Dave.
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