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  1. Hi everyone thanks for the replies it's been great for me to be able to open up. LaLa - I know that shallow women or girls aren't worth it and that not everyone is cruel but unfortunately my childhood and adolescence has shaped my view on females / society - Almost every single time I got undressed from the age of 9 to 16 people would laugh or mock me (not just for penis size but for being tiny & very skinny and disabled) which then led to some girls mocking & laughing at me afterwards so any shred of confidence went into the gutter at a young age. How can I not feel females are superf
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here I've been reading what others have went through and I thought I'd share my own experience to get things off my chest and get others opinions which might do me some good so here goes.. I was born prematurely (14 weeks too early) with learning and co-ordination disabilities - the knock on effects of that have felt like a dark cloud that has never left. My prematurity led to me being alot shorter, skinnier and having an under developed body than almost all of my peers in school. It wasn't an issue until the age of around 9/10 towards the end of primary school. I was alre
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