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  1. Continuing from earlier post. I find myself lie very often about things that don't require much saying. I often do it when I find myself in situations where I cannot tell people about my problems, insecurity and majorly sps. Today I went out with a girl and found myself lieing to hide out my sexual problems and made up scenarios in which I was the alpha in the story lol. I want to know, especially from senior members. Have you confronted about sps with someone in your intial meet ? Does anyone find/found themselves in situation like I describe earlier ? I don' t think it
  2. hahaha, I don't know, I was just thinking. Thank you being honest 😛
  3. I m doing okay honestly. I visited the forum again today because I felt like talking to someone about my day. I m just going to lay it down here.Thanks. I went out on a date-walk with a girl today. I had a nice time with her but I lied about things or actually hid a certain things while talking to her. I feel very guilty of that. She's been really nice and sweet to me. Most importantly, she's been honest. I don't want to lie to her, I wish I could open up more freely. I wish I could just tell her I have this problem. I m not looking for any sexual advantages from her but there is
  4. Thank you for all the support you guys are showing. This is really helpful
  5. Hi this is my first time writing here and I think I need some help. I have written a long one. This is almost for the first time I m mentioning everything at once. Thank you I want to talk about my small dick. I m really affected by it ever since I realised I had a small dick. About me, I m 20 year old and I have a penis of about 4 inches erect and flaccid just looks really embarrassing. I think its about all the sexual problems I have along with my small dick. When I was in 5th grade, I was molested by a guy in his late 20s. He forced himself on me and started making out and
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