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  1. Yo. New member jus waNna kno how small is small considered , is 3-4 inches erect small, I’m pretty sure it is and it’s been killing me to know if there people like me out there who’ve had sex and is it good?


    1. Wayless


      Average according to science is 5-5.5 erect.   2.75 in is considered "micro".  Unfortunately for us most sexually active in recreational sex are 6" or more.  I'm 4.5 and have had many disappointments to say nothing of a horrible time as a young man because my puberty was very late also!  Over 20 before I got to 4.5!

      My philosophy is that recreational sex "isn't for us."  We have to find a special person who wants us for who we are and wants to adjust accordingly!

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