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  1. It's a terrible condition to be in, it really is. I wish I knew how I could make it better but all I could do was find this article for you about how a 55 year old war veteran overcame his PTSD in 2 weeks. I hope it helps you and motivates you. https://mdberry.com/effectiveness-medical-marijuana-ptsd/
  2. You could hardly come across someone who is not under any sort of stress or who doesn't get anxious over things every now and then. Everyone has their bit of mood swings but not everyone knows how to deal with these mental health fluctuations. Having gone through personal tragedies, I am sure you must be shattered and would be carrying a lot of emotional baggage that can give rise to a lot of mental health conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression and whatnot. I know it's hard but definitely not something that can not be controlled or treated. I have been using medical marijuana for seve
  3. Marijuana certainly is a drug but one whose pros outweigh its cons. You really don't have to leave marijuana since it's not like the other drugs that you mentioned; marijuana actually works like a medication to boost mental health; it helps to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD as well as ADHD. Here's some more research into marijuana that talks about its medical benefits. https://mdberry.com/medical-marijuana-effectiveness-research/
  4. These are the usual complaints that we get to hear everyday from users of these antidepressants and anxiety patients. Either you become too reliant on them and can't seem to function without them or the side effects start to kick in and you are good as useless. This is why I tend to stay far away from these conventional modes of treatment. I have always used medicinal marijuana to treat my anxiety and depression and I have been utterly satisfied. Marijuana has no side effects as such and it works perfectly to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety; highly recommend it to all.
  5. You aren't the only one who has had to face trouble getting the right diagnosis especially when there are symptoms related to ADHD. There are several disorders associated with ADHD which have relevant symptoms and are difficult to differentiate from ADHD. You could possibly have one of these disorders. As for General Anxiety Disorder, that can too really set you off and cause you to overthink your condition. You can start to use this form of medication as it helps alleviate mental health problems and would help you overcome both your GAD and ADHD problems, if any.
  6. You are very pure at heart; it's just that you have these conflicting thoughts. You aren't obviously happy at someone's passing away nor would you want you nephew to choke on something. You have an issue in processing your thoughts and emotions, you obviously aren't thinking things through and just immediately talk to yourself about the emotion that arise in your mind. You need to have a calm head and take time to process all the emotions or any news that you hear. From my experience, I'd recommend you to use this medical marijuana to keep yourself calm and boost your mental health. This helpe
  7. This is very normal for I think a lot of us. I had the same feeling even when I had to walk up to my teacher; my legs would literally shake every time. You just need to calm down with so much going around you. All those circumstances are taking a toll on your mental health and you really need to block out all that negativity for now. I have had success with this technique to block out the negativity and stay calm in tough situations; you too can give this a try!
  8. I am not a doctor but what I can tell for sure is that you have a hard time focusing and your attention span is quite small too. So, it could potentially point to ADHD but again, I am not a doctor. What I do know, however, is how you can raise your focus since coffee pills worked for you. I have used marijuana for some time now and it has definitely alleviated most of such symptoms that I used to face earlier. Marijuana has been known scientifically to treat mental health problems and alleviate their symptoms so I would definitely recommend it to you.
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