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  1. Heyy... Sorry for late response... Well, I think so you are going through severe depression which is making you stressed and depressed. So, please you should consult a counselor who will guide you for best. This healing help will be useful for you: https://ezcareclinic.com/keep-anxiety-and-stress-at-bay-with-these-17-amazing-crystals/
  2. hey dear, you are a survivor, a strong woman with iron muscles! You have come this far with great effort and resilience. You have the energy and willpower to face the toughest things in your life. Now you will get a best result of all your efforts and patience. God will ease you with comforts and peace in life, as He doesn't burden a soul more than a person's strength. Sometimes, you need support of some healing therapy, it can comfort your soul. So, you might find this reading helpful in this regard:https://mangoclinic.com/digital-art-helps-in-healing-minds-advice-from-top-20-experts/
  3. Heyy Jim...You are going through a tough time. And at this time you have to take care of yourself and your wife. Your wife seems to have a severe depression attack which requires from counseling from a mental health expert. All you need is some patience and strong willpower. As, you are the only person in your family who is responsible and completely normal, so everything is dependent on your decision making. Stay strong, you can do this!. However, while going through this tense situation, you might find this helpful:https://mangoclinic.com/a-mind-healing-talk-with-multi-talented-danielle-ari
  4. Well I can relate to you to some extent. I was going through depression also and it motivated me for suicidal thoughts. People face situations and they cant do anything about it and they keep storing them. This eventually results into severe mental stress if kept untreated. So, you need to keep things sorted as it could be depression and if it is then it should be treated ASAP. Well, it took me some time and patience to get recovered from depression. Although, I didn't get any family or friends support. But you should work on it by yourself as at the end of the day it is you who is responsible
  5. Well, it is sad to hear about your suffering, I am really sorry for your loss. It happens at times that life feels like nothing but a misery machine, which keeps on producing sorrows. But you have to consider something happening in your life. If you don't find anything good around you, search for it , it is around you, you just need to focus on life. As, I believe that after every dark night there is a bright day which can show you a brighter future!!!
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