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  1. Thank You; Dont Be Sorry........I Appreciate It Dear Lady......... Hope Your Valentine's Day Was Good!!! Sincerely; Jim
  2. Thank You Athena; Your A Good Person & Wonderful Insightful Lady........Im Still Here & Trying....As You Said Direction & Motivation......... Sincerely & The Very Best To You As Well......... Jim
  3. I Want To Thank You For Your Responses. And I Am Sorry I Did Not Respond Right Back.....Just A Lot On My Plate Right Now And I Just Don't Know What Direction To Go Anymore??????? As far As My Three Children...My Twins Are Doing Fine & Continuing To Pursue Their Goals. My Oldest Now Has A Job & Seems To Continue Improving...Although I Still See Signs That Bother Me....... Either Way I'm Just Not Sure Of My Own Future........I Came Back To Be Near My Three Children.......They Now Slowly Will Be Going Their Own Way & Moving Ahead And Forward With Their Own Lives.......I Again Have No
  4. And The "POLITICALLY CORRECT" Axe Falls On Me AGAIN..After 31/2 Months Of Working My Rear End Off, Coming To Work Early & Never Missing A Day. I Was Informed My Services Are No Longer needed. All Because ONE Individual Decided To Play A Race Card Do To His Own Insecurity. I Became The Target & Guinea Pig. Born The Wrong Color & Wrong Sex In The Wrong ERA. Paying For Others Past Sins. Sorry If I Offend Any Of You Who Happen To Read This But I Am Tired Of All My Hard Work Going Down The Toilet Because Of Some one's Dislike. At 53yrs. Old I Have Had & Seen Enough Of This Continui
  5. Very Interesting Athena......Thanx For The Imput. The Very Best To You As Well......... Sincerely; Jim
  6. ;)Work Has Now Slowed Down A Bit & I Have Two Days Off....I Can Gather Myself A Bit; Maybe Get Some Things Done, Relax & Enjoy. But I Still Feel Like A Cave-Man Looking For Romance......No Offense To Any Ladies Here; It's Just One Of Those Things...Basic Needs Since I'm Still Alive & Kicking......... It Continues To Be That One Thing Missing In My Life Right Now.....Sometimes I Think About Places To Go & Meet Ladies.......Church Is A Great Spot From What I Hear All The Time........But I'm Not Much For Organized Religion.........Bowling Alley?????? Bar, Not Much Of A Drinker Al
  7. 58corvette

    Becoming 'Me'

    I Check Things Here Occasionally My Dear Lady. Your Welcome. Keep On Re-Reading....................
  8. 58corvette

    Becoming 'Me'

    You Answered ALL Your Questions Within This Post. So Just Keep ReReading It. All The Best Sincerely; Jim
  9. eppursimuove; Thank You For Your Kind Words. Yes Jim Is My Name....Hopefully Someday Your Father Will Come Around.....I Believe After This Week Work Will Start Slowing Down A Bit & I Will Be Able To Get Some Extra Time To Relax, Enjoy My Children & Just Enjoy Life A Bit. I Hear Ya About The Paths We Take & Choose For Ourselves. I Try My Best To Live With A Good Conscience But Don't Always Make The Right Decisions Myself. As Far As My Oldest Son It Has Eased My Mind To See Him Slowly Coming Back Into His Own. Hopefully He Will Continue To Take & Choose The Right Path Himself...
  10. Athena; Basically The Extra Money Is Helping Although The Pay Is Low. And If I Want To Keep This Job I Have To Work As Directed. So The Choice Is Work The Hours Or Find Another Job........Although I Am Tired & Could Use A Few Days Off, For Now I'm Dealing With The Aches & Pains. Comes With The Territory.............. Random; Nice To Hear From You My Friend..I Relax Outside At Home When I Can...Taking Care The Best I Can & Everyone Is Doing OK. Thanks For Asking....I Hope All Is Well With You & Your World As Well.... Sincerely; Jim
  11. Happy B-Day Allan......And Many More!!!!!
  12. Athena; Thank You So Much. I Believe My Son & I Have & I Am Grateful For That. Were Both Working A Lot Of Hours & My Son Continues To Go In A Positive Direction. I Continue To Be At Peace With All My Children & I Feel Blessed & Thankful For That. This Week I'm Working 7 Day 10hr. Shifts. No Time To Be Depressed Or Have Anxiety; To Tired................... Hope All Is Well With You & Everyone Else Who Has Replied To This Thread. Thank You, Sincerely; Jim
  13. Been Working Six Day Workweeks & Today Is My Day Off. My Oldest Son Is Now Working Again Himself & That Does My Heart & Soul GOOD As Well. That Is The Main Reason I Started This Personal Thread. My OLDEST SON. He Seems To Be On The Right Track & Slowly Becoming Himself Again. So I Am Now Trying To Make Sundays A Get Together With My Two Sons. Since I Live With My Twin Daughter Although I See Her Just A Little Bit Everyday I Just Cant Be Myself With Her As Long As Her Boyfriend Is Around & With Her ALL THE TIME. That's Fine; But He Does Have Control Over Her More Than She Is
  14. Hello Random My Friend; Hope All Is Well............ Sincerely....Always......... Jim
  15. I Tried To Edit & Correct My Wording But Was Unable. When I Said it Helps Bring Attention To Myself. I Meant It Helps Me Highlight Words For My Own Personal Benefit.
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