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  1. yes r u right him and me do have one stormy relationship:(. We did try on our third attemp for a relationship and it didn't word out, he decide to break it off a week before christmas. which was a bummer in one part. So i decided to move on and started working out like exercising take a group therapy about how to deal with stress management and schooling so basically keep myself busy. So on jan 19 i finally text him saying that i won't be bothering him anymore and that is what i did was letting go. out of the blue he decides to text me and him and i have been communicating to each other but
  2. Well were still togther him and i but its a slow journey for the both of us. since neither of us drink anymore that gives us a whole new outlook towards each other and he is giving me my space and not being clingy. Last friday he took me out to a nice dinner and drive which made me fall in love with all over again. but we're taking it easy, There has been much hurt on both sides that we are working out. The only part is he cannot go near my children again so I must seperate until he starts come to terms on what has broken us up in the first place. I did teach him one day at a time and no
  3. Well a suddent turn of events that him and I made ammends and are now going out again. But were taking this slow and making sure that we talk alot about our feeling. It's a slow process but getting there. The only thing I will not allow that he be with my kids I'm keeping this seperate for the time being cause alot of hurt has happened my kids aren't ready for him neither is he and myself. I'm keeping that life seperate from now on. I do let the boys know that I'm with him and I tell them now it's my personal life but when I'm with them I'm their mom i find this much safer for all. Sooner
  4. Last time i talked to the ex he has broken up with the girl he was seeng and now has become exremly depressed. So now I just want to gently guide him from out of his depression. I know its not over her but himself. When I had my periods of overwhelming depression and anxiety that I had other people and family give me the emotional support so I hope i can do this for him. He doesn't have anybody or family to help him.
  5. Suddend turn of events in my soap opera life with the ex. I'm having an affair with him while he is still the other lady. Never been the other woman before. Quite personally don't know what to make of the whole situation when it comes between him and me. After all he was the one reached out to me. I do have some questions about this 1.Do I want him back? 2.What baggage does he have now? 3.How come he isn't faithful towards this woman? 4.Does she know? 5.Why is he reaching out to me? The questions that I have doesn't seem to have an easy solution. Boy I can't wait to see what saga this wi
  6. Well i don't get it? First I started accepting that he has a girlfriend ready to move on and then what happens, he reaches out to me now textin me phonin me and yesterday he texted me 6 times in one hour wishing me a happy bday. :confused: So now I'm at school thinking what the hell does he want from me? he already know I have a booty guy on the side but he still keeps coming back. next step i guess i ready to tell him to f off or else this last the next 10yrs if he had it his way.
  7. Sadly to say he got a girlfriend that is 19 yrs younger than him. At first I was upset but not anymore I realized that he is an eternal child that someone to look after him and his needs the relationship that I had wasn't a two way street. So I moved forward myself and starting to like my new found freedom that I have forgotten over time. He still cares for me and our line of communication is still there but I also don't want to feel like the othe woman therefore I have no need to phone or text him. I don't hate him nor do I have loving thoughts about him, what him and I had almost lasted 3y
  8. I'm getting tired of having men around my life it's too stressful. The latest is my so called landlord and he is trying to take my son away and my son is playing along with it. Another stressful situation I'm in. God why don't the men stay out of my life I'm not causing them any problems kind of wondering if they are doing this to me because I'm a woman? As for the ex he's on the back burner having to much problems in my current situation at the moment. And eventually I'll forget about him plenty of fish out there. men can easily be replaced and it's not hard for me.
  9. My son came back two days ago and for the first 2 days everything was fine now he has turned back into that arrogant ass again. Last night there was a grad party so he didn't get home till 3am waking me up and tried to start to argue with me so I just ignored him and then trying to wake him up at 7:30 this morning was a chore. So he tells me to fuck off and he's moving out so I said good. Does all parents go through all this? So right now I'm not going to be stressed out over this and go to school myself and not worry about a showdown that is bound to happen. He can come home and see I'm no
  10. I don't get it:confused:. Just when I've starting to except my fate about this messy breakup and starting my new found freedom I keep running into him lately. Today i went to the store and I ran into him so we both had coffee togethor and just talked. This is confusing me because now I keep seeing him everytime I turn around. I know it's a small town but he goes to places where I don't go and I do the same thing. And yet we somehow keep meeting each other. It's nice to see him but after I start getting a bit moody and sad. A few weeks ago i had to confront so i could have some closure an
  11. I sometimes think what is in a mind of a bully and what triggers them to hurt another person and leave a lasting effect for the rest of their lives. Always will be my question. Through out all this it has given me the sensitivity not to bully and teach my children not to be bullies. But to be friendly towards that are not fitting in or an outcast at school which they do. Just seeing the former bully brings back memories that I would like to forget.
  12. One thing about a relationship break up that it can hurt both ways and it's up to the individual to heal in their own way. The breakup that I had was very painful and at times didn't think I could recover from this. But time heals all wounds but always leave a scar. The point of all this both people hurt when it comes to a break up and I have to remember that he is hurting as well, I conconvinced myself that men have no feelings but I know they do and apparently men take a break up much more worse than a woman. So thinking of the ex I know he is hurting,lonely and has knowone. But I'm no
  13. One day at a time is what I've learned and never get my hopes up is the other. As for you enjoy the single life while you can. Go out to the bar find a one night stand it's all there:D. And don't look they come when it's least expected. I knew a person who is so desperate that she goes through facebook and finds a guy and go out for coffee (shudder) thanks but no thanks better her than me is my new philosphy. Never know what will happen to the ex not getting my hopes up
  14. Here is some more movies that I enjoy:) Saun of the dead (british comedy) Back to the Future(Trilogy) Platoon Chronicles of Riddick Pitch Black Transformers 123 Eagle eye
  15. Remember I told you that I left a bday present on his door step? Since then he's been phoning me and came over. And then on saturday he even showed up at my sister place for a visit suddend turn of events for me but we're still not togethor. I just want to be his friend after all we didn't part as mortal enemies. But listening to him I realized that he is very lonely and being a bachelor is not all what he thought it would be. As for me I like being a bachelorette get to do what ever i want. Now my friends say that I opened the door for him but i don't think so because he doesn't have anybo
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