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  1. Hi Movesin, I too suffer from anxiety and I can totally relate to some of the things you are going through. I am sorry you don't have any support at home. This must be difficult. What helps me when anxiety strikes me, is to take one step back and to prioritize things in my life. You said that you need to make many decisions now. Start with one that you feel is the most important one, the one that will affect your life the most and work towards resolving it. One decision at the time. I hope this helps a bit.
  2. Hi Tekka, welcome to our community!
  3. Hi Feferi, i am disappointed as well in the outcome of the elections. You are probably scared because of some of the comment he had made in the past. Please don't give up we are in this together. Always love who you are and never lose sight of your beliefs! We are here for you!
  4. Lana73


    Sounds like a very stressful situation, Andromeda.. Your father probably feels worthless himself and takes out his frustration with his life out on you and your mom. Think about all the future job possibilities that will come your way once you pass your exams. Think of it is a temporary phase in your life that will end eventually. Things do, change for the best, just not as fast as we want them to....
  5. Lana73

    Been A While

    So happy for you, Sue!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Lana73

    Time as a Vector

    New beginning, new doors to open! Exciting!
  7. Lana73


    How are you, Sue?
  8. Lana73


    Sue, I am so happy to see you here! I will be thinking of you, sweetie. Hold on tight. (((((Sue))))
  9. So sorry about your loss, Mark. Hugs to you, dear
  10. Hi :)

    1. Lana73


      Hi Andrea! Nice to hear from you. How are you doing, Hun?

    2. AndreaB


      I'm doing ok voting tomorrow

  11. Hi Lana! I am doing ok today, thanks. Hope you are well too :)

  12. Just stopped by to say hello! I hope all is well with you, Finding

  13. My favorite are just regular with a bit of sugar.

    Man..... I would now have to drive to a Russian market which is about 30 min away. They have eeeeeeverything and I ended up buying the whole store:)

  14. Making blinyes for dinner.Want to come over? Yummmm

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