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  1. My life sucks because I've perpetuated the same attitude as you as well as everyone else here and on top of this, i have legitimate problems far exceeding that of my small penis. I'm ashamed to even have taken it this far. Not naive at all, just not superficial and simplistic in my desires. I'd take worrying about my small penis any day over what is currently happening to me. Edit* **I actually am also at times disgusted and offended when I read posts here when I think about the magnitude of the real world problems I'm dealing with right now. My point is to make people see the error in their w
  2. So the worst of the worst happened. Not sure how I will progress from here, but I will persevere.
  3. You have a superficial, simplistic, and bullshit attitude towards life. The fact that you think the ultimate qualify of your life is based on a bit of flesh is absurd. Your life sucks because of your attitude and refusal to do anything about it.
  4. You missed the point of my post, and the questions you asked were directly addressed in my post as well. Where does that leave you? That leaves you with a hot ex stripper that wants to be with you....
  5. Yes, it's absolutely pointless. I haven't been denied anything and I'm the exact same size as you in both height and penile length +- 1/2 inch. YOU have been denying yourself great experiences, not your penis. The last girl I was with was taller than me and height wasn't even discussed. Height and penis size are not your issue, it's your perpetual negativity and stubborn personality. Dwelling on such superficial physical aspects hasn't accomplished anything and is thus pointless. We've been going back and forth now for nearly two years dude and you haven't tired out. The reason why you are res
  6. Hmm, your girlfriend is a stripper, which implies that she's above average in terms of attractiveness to the majority. This in turn implies that there is a strong likelihood that she has had numerous sexual partners and thus experienced a wide spectrum of penises. Now being in her position, she probably has high standards and has no reason to settle for an under endowed man when she can easily sift through enough men until she finds what she's looking for. However, here lies the contradiction. With her past and her looks, she is with you. If a large penis is so important for her, she is entitl
  7. It's strange, I used to relate to you guys. Now I'm actually jealous of you guys because the source of my pain and despair isn't a matter of flesh or some sort of superficial issue anymore. I read these posts and I just shake my head and laugh sometimes. I obviously still have a small penis, but I hardly worry about it and I'm not concerned with pleasing anyone. After nearly killing myself (for unrelated reasons), all the pain and stress from this shallow issue dissipated and I realized that there are far more important things to worry about in life. For me to even think that sexual encounter
  8. So I'm currently undergoing extreme anxiety. I have a lot of money and time invested into something that I'm working on and I am in the position where I may fail and potentially ruin everything I've worked for. I also have mild sleep apnea and my sleep schedule is a total mess. I need advice that isn't along the lines of "Take a xanax" or "Try meditation" or "see a shrink" or "blow your brains out" I've had suicidal thoughts on a regular basis now and I keep trying to stay positive and counter my negative thoughts, but I'm extremely overwhelmed with what I"m doing right now, and I need to endu
  9. That's it dude, I honestly can't take your posts anymore. Open up a web server and host collection of your negative accounts with small penises. This is a support forum and it's understandable for you to point out these cases. However, it's become a pattern and seems to be endless. I honestly don't care, but it now has become irritating to a point where I have to say this. The reason why I disappeared from this forum for about 4 months is because I realized I have problems FAR FAR FAR worse than my small penis. I came back here to pretty much enforce this fact. It took near death to make me r
  10. Pointless unoriginal banter. I've heard it all before...How many people can poke fun of the same thing before it gets boring? She won't get very far without originality.
  11. Dude, you completely dismissed my post. The point that I am making is that the pool of people chosen for this videos is NOT representative of the entire population. Most of the people I know and most of the women I know would be very hesitant to even answer questions like this on camera. Clearly, these are the type of girls that are not relationship minded and thus are the experience-ers of the larger end of average due to their lifestyle choices. Larger men are more confident and put themselves out there more and that skews the perception of these promiscuous females. What are you accomplishi
  12. It depends on the pool of people obviously. Take a sample of Physics/Math/CS/Engineering/technical field graduate students. Now ask them how important it is for their partners intelligence to be above average. I guarantee this survey would have a similar result as this one, skewed towards above average and obviously not representative of the entire population.
  13. 2.5 wide is going to be between 6.5-8 inches around. You should seriously know this enough to realize how absurd of a response that is. I mean the large porn stars aren't even this size. You need to stop seeking out such superficial material. You do this perpetually and it clearly is not helping. It's not helping yourself and it's definitely not helping others on this board. Personally, i laughed at the very response that made you depressed because of how ridiculous it was. Start being logical before you start losing sleep over such pointless banter. In the grand scheme of things, dwelling on
  14. I was a member of that forum and spoke with her before. She's fortunate enough to have some common sense before believing the numbers popularized by society.
  15. Wow I'm a bit embarassed to have responded now seeing that this was just a spam attempt. The service seemed legitimate enough to warrant a response though, but after seeing all those phony likes, for that post, I guess it's just a scam.
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